Books from the Backlog #129

Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread.  If you are anything like me, you might be surprised by some of the unread books hiding in your stacks.
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This week's neglected book

The Corsican Woman by Madge Swindells
Publication Date: September 1, 1988
Publisher: Warner Books (NY)
Sybilia Rocca is beautiful, gentle and intelligent.

But she is also Corsican and in her blood run the intense passions of her race ... passions that drive her to shoot her father-in-law before stunned witnesses in the small square of a sea-swept town set high on a Corsican cliffside.

What is the terrible secret — the dark act of treachery twenty years before — that compels Sybilia to carry out her vendetta?

Virtually everyone in the village knows, yet the unwritten law of their culture keeps them silenced.

And now Sybilia is fighting for her life, gripped by a passion strong enough to destroy it ...

Why did I add The Corsican Woman to my bookshelf?

I decided to pull one of my older books from my shelf this week.  Technically, I have read this book.  But I read it as a teenager when I decided to grab it from my mom's stash of books.  I don't remember anything about the book besides the fact that I liked it enough to go on to read quite a few of this authors other books as an adult.  Since it has been 30 years since I read this book, I think it is due for a re-read.  I picked up a used copy many years ago planning to dive in right away but it is still hiding out on my shelves.  I think that there is a part of me that fears that the book won't be nearly as good as I thought it was back in the '80s.  It is here when I am ready.

What are your thoughts? Have you read this book?  Would you recommend it to others?
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  1. I've re-read a lot of books recently that I enjoyed as a kid. While a few are a bit outdated from when they were written I have liked them all so far.

  2. I am always afraid to go back to things I love. I worry that it won't live up to the memory. I hope it's as good for you as it was back when.

  3. I have a few books on my shelves that I hope to re-read someday. Maybe sooner rather than later? I'll be back later with my link.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. i'll be interested to know what you think after 30 years. i hope you enjoy it as much or more

  5. I don't know. I reread some books from Gwen Bristow last year as Tantor came out with the audio version (although I still have my hardcover version) and they were being narrated by Gabra Zackman who I love. These are published around 1960 and are historical romance and I still LOVE them so much. My favorite is Celia Garth. So if you liked it, you might still. I've reread some Nancy Drew and Black Stallion books which I also have and enjoyed them but they are more simplistic than I felt at the time.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  6. I've never come across this author before but it does look fun and definitely worth a reread!

  7. I actually decided to read a long backlogged book off my shelf this week. It was a nice surprise to revisit some of Carl Hiaasen's older work!

  8. Wow, that's an oldie. :) I hope it totally lives up to what you remember when you reread it.


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