Audiobook Reviews - Playing to Win and Scoring Off the Ice by Stacey Lynn

Playing to Win by Stacey Lynn
Narrated by Liam DiCosimo, Stella Hunter
Series: Ice Kings #1
Publisher: Spectrum Audiobooks
Publication Date: July 7, 2020
Date Read: August 7, 2020
Length: 5 hours 32 minutes
Source: NetGalley
This time, he’s playing to win, and the prize he’s looking to score is me.

It was a three-week fling. Nothing more than a couple of college kids having some fun, but then I did the stupid thing and fell for Jude Taylor quicker than he can score a goal on the ice. And after one beautiful night together, he left for the pros before I could make my first cup of coffee.

I thought I’d put him behind me. I thought I’d moved on. Then he hobbles into my physical therapy office and I realize how absolutely wrong I’ve been - there’s no getting over Jude Taylor.

But now things are complicated. Jude lives half a country away and his career is in direct opposition to my need for stability. Most of all, getting involved with him could mean losing my job and everything I’ve worked so hard for.

Jude doesn’t seem to mind one bit and he’s all in. He might be a patient in my office, but he’s no longer the patient guy I remember.
My Review

Oh, this was fun!  It should come as no surprise to anyone that follows my reviews that I like a good hockey romance.  Stacey Lynn was a new author to me but I was willing to take a chance on this first installment in the Ice Kings series.  I was not disappointed.  I was hooked by this story from the very start and couldn't wait to see how everything worked out. 

Jude and Kate were both wonderful characters.  I am a fan of second chance romances so I was thrilled by the fact that these two have a history.  The chemistry between them was amazing and I really felt their connection from the start.  They do each have some things to deal with and it was fun to take the journey with them.

I thought that Liam DiCosmio and Stella Hunter did a great job with the narration.  I really enjoy books that use a different point of view for each character because I feel like it really helps to bring the story to life.  I found this to be a very easy listen and both narrators had a very pleasant voice.  I wouldn't hesitate to listen to either of these narrators again in the future.

I would recommend this book to fans of sports romance.  There isn't a whole lot of hockey in this book but Jude is pretty focused on doing what needs to be done to get back into the game.  I found this to be a wonderful romance featuring characters that were easy to fall for.

I received a digital audiobook review copy of this book from Spectrum Audiobooks via NetGalley.

Scoring Off the Ice by Stacey Lynn
Narrated by Meg Price, James Cassidy
Series: Ice Kings #2
Publisher: Spectrum Audiobooks
Publication Date: August 31, 2020
Date Read: September 1, 2020
Length: 8 hours 5 minutes
Source: NetGalley
Sometimes scoring off the ice leads to the greatest rewards.

I’ve had only one goal in life since I first strapped on a pair of skates - make America’s pro hockey league.

I left Denmark. I made it to the top. Now, I’m determined to be the best. No distractions. I eat, sleep, and breathe hockey.

Until my birthday when my teammates convince me to live a little.

But living a little takes on a whole new meaning when less than a year later I’m confronted with a crying baby on my doorstep, drooling on a note that declares he’s mine.

Suddenly, I'm a single dad in way over my head.

There is no playbook for situations like this.

Luckily, I have Paisley.

My gorgeous neighbor, my long-time crush, and now - my savior.

She’s there any time I need her.

Helping. Guiding. Gazing at me with those green eyes that make me feel capable of this after all.

With her at my side, I’m quickly learning there’s more to life than winning a hockey game.
My Review

This was fantastic!  I really enjoyed the first book in the Ice King series so I was pretty eager to get started with this second installment.  I ended up enjoying this book even more than the first.  This was one of those audiobooks that I found incredibly hard to put down.  I thought that this was a really delightful story from beginning to end.

Mikah and Paisley were great characters.  I loved the fact that they had admired each other but hadn't actually met until the start of this story.  Mikah has bigger problems to deal with in this story than hockey, namely the baby that was left on his doorstep.  He was unsure at first but Paisley was right there to help and reassure him.  I just loved Mikah and thought it was wonderful to see him embrace caring for his son. 

Meg Price and James Cassidy did a fantastic time with the narration of this book.  I have no idea whether Mikah's accent was authentic but to my untrained ears, I thought that it added a nice element to the story.  I really thought that both of these narrators did a great job bringing the characters to life and I really enjoyed the fact that they were able to add a lot of emotion into their reading. 

I would definitely recommend this book to romance fans.  I thought that this was a very well done romance with characters I couldn't wait to see fall for each other.  I cannot wait to read more of this great series!

I received a digital audiobook review copy of this book from Spectrum Audiobooks via NetGalley.
About the Author

Stacey Lynn likes her coffee with a dash of sugar, her heroes with a side of bossy, and her wine a deep shade of red.

The author of over thirty romance novels, many of which have been best-selling titles on Amazon, AppleBooks, and Barnes & Noble, she loves being able to turn her vivid imagination into a career that brings entertainment and joy to her readers. Focused on sports romance and emotional, small-town romance, she also loves stretching herself in different genres.

Born in Texas and raised in the Midwest, she now makes her home in North Carolina and loves all things Southern. Together with her ultimate tall, dark, and handsome hero, she has four children. Her life is a chaotic mess that fights with her Type-A, list-making, neurotically organized preferences and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Author Links: Website | Amazon | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


  1. Good reviews. It sounds like Ms Lynn knows how to write a fun romance.

  2. Hmm, me thinks there is a new hockey romance series I need to check out. I saw this on NG, but wasn't sure. Glad they were both great!

  3. Glad you could enjoy these audios in a favorite genre! Fantastic reviews!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  4. Sounds like a fun pair of romances. New to me author that I'd give a try, too.

  5. Great! I'll add the first one on my wishlist! thank you!

  6. I will have to check these out. I enjoy this genre. Great reviews.

  7. These have been on my radar so I was happy to see your reviews. I love a good hockey romance. Even if hockey isn't the main focus here, it still sounds like something I would enjoy.

  8. I love the premise of both of these - especially the first one! I haven't read a hockey romance but I think I'd enjoy it. I'll have to look for Playing to Win especially.


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