Stacking the Shelves #193

I am really excited to participate in Stacking the Shelves, a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews and Reading Reality.

My Life
My daughter was home last weekend and we were busy, busy, busy!  I started the work week extremely exhausted and decided to take a vacation day on Tuesday just to catch up on a few things and relax a bit.  I really need a week off but I am almost out of vacation day so that will have to wait until next year. 

I had a doctor's appointment last Saturday and got a flu shot.  No big deal right?  Wrong.  I have never had a reaction to any shots before in my life but my arm got really swollen and I ended up with a low-grade fever before it was over.  My arm is still bruised from my reaction.  My husband and youngest daughter got their flu shots earlier and had no problems so I guess my reaction was just a fluke.  I encourage everyone to go get a flu shot.  My little reaction was a whole lot better than the flu would ever be.

The rest of the week was pretty boring.  I didn't make it to the gym at all this past week but I am going to get myself in gear starting today. 

Books Added
A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler (Publisher)
The God Game by Danny Tobey (Publisher)
Wild Life by Keena Roberts (Publisher)

Bickering Birds by Mildred Abbott (For Review)

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 
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  1. I am taking one this year too, not wanna get sick and stay home with a cranky maybe sick kid too

  2. I am glad you had a good time with your daughter! But it's good to take a day off where you feel like you really need one. Oh my, that reaction sounds awful! I am glad you still find it worth it every time despite having one rare exceptional reaction like this. But I am glad you pulled through.

    Olivia-S @ Olivia's Catastrophe

  3. My arm tends to get a bit warm and tender and I get the sniffles for a few days every year that I get it done. But with a weak chest, I don't want to risk catching nasty infections so I always get one! I used to get viral infections and other things that lasted months but now I get the jag I'm generally ok. Sounds like a nasty reaction you took but I'm glad it's ok!

  4. Glad you had a nice weekend with your daughter despite the busyness. I like the weekends where it's half and half. Busy one day, relaxing the next!

    Nice new reads too! Totally new to me ones but I hope you enjoy them all!

    My StS will be up tomorrow, so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Oh side note...did you see Brigid Kemmerer is coming to St. Charles? It's on the library website. It's like that first week of January at the Spencer Road library! Just thought I'd give you a heads up! ;)

  5. Glad you got in a visit with your daughter and yay that you had the vacation day to get back on track a little. I can't get flu shots, but I'm all for them if they can keep folks from the nasty flu each year.

    Nice haul! I'll need to check out Wild Life.

    Have a good week, Carole!

  6. I love when my daughter comes home, but I spend all my time and energy on her, and like you, feel like I want a day off to make up for the time. Poor, Carole! Sorry you had a reaction to this strain of the flu they gave you. I don't do shots. I just avoid people instead. LOL. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. My flu shot reacted quite a bit too this year -- it's a nasty strain, so that's probably why! Well worth having got it.

  8. nice selection! this year has been a very bad year for the flu XD even in Australia we had it pretty bad
    so sorry to hear about the reaction

  9. My daughter and I got our flu shots early in September and it was fine. I've been getting them for about 20 years and not had the flu. I'm sorry you had a reaction. Sometimes my arm gets a bit sore.

    Boring is not bad. It gives me time to think and try out new ideas in my head. I was worthless on Tuesday. I'm finally recovering from the trip to Iowa and feeling good this weekend. I wish you a boring but pleasant week. (And there's a new 2-1 sale at Audible to peruse) Happy reading!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  10. I've heard of several people who've had strong reactions to this year's shot. I was worried about getting it, but luckily, I didn't have anything worse than some soreness for a day. I hope you have a great week.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

  11. Sorry to hear about the reaction to the flu shot you had.

  12. Oh no sorry to hear about the flu shot reaction! Speaking of which, I still need to get mine. I keep forgetting.

    Hope you have a good week! :)

  13. My mom also got bruises and a sore arm from a flu shot. I guess it’s a common reaction, but I’m glad it’s never happened to me! I hope you enjoy your new books!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  14. Ugh! So sorry to hear about your reaction but definitely better then the flu! I get allergy shots and every once in awhile I'll have a reaction similar to the one you describe and I'm not a fan. Hope you have a great week!

  15. LOL. Those candy corns, though.

    Aren't flu shots supposed to make us sick first? Science is weird.


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