Thursday, June 13, 2019

Books from the Backlog #64

Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread.  If you are anything like me, you might be surprised by some of the unread books hiding in your stacks.

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This week's neglected book

Sage's Eyes by V.C. Andrews

Publication Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books
From V.C. Andrews, bestselling author of Flowers in the Attic (the first in a series of Lifetime movie events about the Dollanganger family), comes the tale of a young girl kept under the watchful eye of her adoptive parents, as if they fear who—or what—she’ll become…

Sixteen-year-old Sage is a lonely child. Her adoptive parents watch her obsessively, as if studying her for warning signs of…something. And maybe they’re right to—even she can’t make sense of the strange things she sees and hears. She possesses knowledge that other teenagers don’t, that her parents and teachers—no adult—could possibly have. So when Sage finally makes a friend who understands her alarming gift, he becomes her confidant, a precarious link to the truth about who she really is. For Sage and the alluring new boy at school share many things in common. Perhaps, they’ll learn, far too many things.

Danger has never looked quite so delicious…

Why did I add Sage's Eyes to my bookshelf?

I downloaded this book from NetGalley on October 8, 2015.  Yes, I am a bad little blogger.  I think I was feeling pretty nostalgic when I requested this book.  When I was in high school,  V.C. Andrews was big.  Really big.  I was reading V.C. Andrews when she was the one still writing the books.  I may have even faked an illness once or twice when one of her books were release so I could stay home and read all day (sorry Mom!).   After her death in 1986, a ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman, started publishing under her name so he would be the one who actually wrote this particular book.  I have read a lot of the books written under the ghostwriter but not all of them and I have to tell you they are not all great so I am a bit hesitant to try this one.  My favorite V.C. Andrews series is the Casteel series (3 of the 5 books were written by Andrews and the ghostwriter used her notes for the final two) followed closely by the Dollanganger series (all of which were written by Andrews).  I did notice that Hoopla has this audiobook so I think I am going to give it a try soon so that I can finally mark this one from my list.

What are your thoughts? Have you read this book?  Would you recommend it to others?

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  1. Ghostwriter is just weird, I mean I get it but still

  2. here i thought VC Andrew's some immortal who keeps writing books. I read some, but not sure which timeline ..

  3. I used to read a lot of Andrews books. It was a big deal to read the Flowers in the Attic books when I was in high school. I am still unsure how I feel about the whole ghostwriting thing.

  4. Like Barb, I read a lot of Andrew's books when I was young. Haven't read any by a ghostwriter.

  5. I had no idea she died in 1986! I also had no clue someone took over the name. I loved the original Flowers in the Attic movie, and had planned on reading those books at some point. Did he write any of those later books? Thanks for the heads up. 👍✨

    1. The Flowers in the Attic series was written by Andrews. If I remember correctly, the books that are written by the ghostwriter have a copyright symbol next to the author's name. I did like some of the earlier series that were penned completely by the ghostwriter but at some point they became repetitive and it felt they he was just churning them out. The two series that I mentioned as favorites are the earliest ones. She did also write a stand alone - My Sweet Audrina. Everything after that is the ghostwriter.

  6. Some of my friends in school were really into VC Andrews. I was a wuss so no way. I didn't know there was a second writer. Hopefully this will be one of the better ones.

  7. I haven't read a VC Andrews book in years.

  8. I've seen this author but have never read her. I hope you will get your chance soon.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  9. I've heard of VC Andrews of course but never read anything of hers. and wow- I didn't know ANY of that stuff!

  10. I think I was in high school, when I read my last VC Andrews book. I read nothing removing like that anymore, but I remember liking them enough back in the day.

  11. I've never read a book by this author! I always sort of meant to get round to it but never did!


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