Review - You'd Be Mine by Erin Hahn

You'd Be Mine by Erin Hahn
Publisher: St. Martin's Press - Wednesday Books
Publication Date: April 2, 2019
Date Read: March 30, 2019
Length: 304 pages
Source: NetGalley
Annie Mathers is America’s sweetheart and heir to a country music legacy full of all the things her Gran warned her about. Superstar Clay Coolidge is most definitely going to end up one of those things.

But unfortunately for Clay, if he can’t convince Annie to join his summer tour, his music label is going to drop him. That’s what happens when your bad boy image turns into bad boy reality. Annie has been avoiding the spotlight after her parents’ tragic death, except on her skyrocketing YouTube channel. Clay’s label wants to land Annie, and Clay has to make it happen.

Swayed by Clay’s undeniable charm and good looks, Annie and her band agree to join the tour. From the start fans want them to be more than just tour mates, and Annie and Clay can’t help but wonder if the fans are right. But if there’s one part of fame Annie wants nothing to do with, it’s a high-profile relationship. She had a front row seat to her parents’ volatile marriage and isn’t interested in repeating history. If only she could convince her heart that Clay, with his painful past and head over heels inducing tenor, isn’t worth the risk.

Erin Hahn’s thrilling debut, You’d Be Mine, asks: can the right song and the perfect summer on the road make two broken hearts whole?
My Review

This was a wonderful romance!  I went into this book without a whole lot of expectations.  I picked this book up largely because it sounded somewhat original.  I don't remember ever seeing another book about a pair of young adult country music stars so I decided to give it a chance.  That risk worked out pretty well.  This was one of those books that sucked you in and didn't let go.  I just had a great time with this book.

Annie is the daughter of country music superstars.  Her parents are gone so her grandparents are her closest family.  She is leary of walking in her famous parent's footsteps but she has a gift.  When Clay knocks on her door to recruit her for the opening act on his tour, she decides to go along with the rest of the trio, which includes her cousin and close friend.

Clay is headlining the tour and has been on the music scene just a little longer.  Even though he is underage, he has spent a lot of time on the road drinking or hanging out with girls.  He has some things in his past that he is also trying to deal with and he isn't always dealing with them all that well.

I loved Annie and Clay together.  From the very start, I thought that the scenes between them were the times when they were completely real.  Clay wasn't always such a nice guy when other people were around but Annie seemed to bring out the best in him.  I loved their chemistry both on the stage and off.  I really thought that these two were good for each other and it was a ton of fun watching them find their way.

I would recommend this book to others.  It was a very well done story about two people working to get over their pasts while they fell for each other.  I look forward to reading more from this new author.

I received a digital review copy of this book from St. Martin's Press - Wednesday Books via NetGalley.
About the Author

ERIN HAHN started writing her own books when her little sister gave her shade about a country music-themed Twilight fanfic. By day, she likes to help kindergarteners make snakes out of Play-Doh. By night, she writes swoons. She married her own YA love interest who she met on her first day of college and has two kids who are much, much cooler than she ever was at their age. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, aka the greenest place on earth and has a cat, Gus, who plays fetch.

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter


  1. sounds like a love story on stage? kind of like A Star is Born perhaps?

  2. This definitely sounds like a me book.i have to check this out for sure. Great review !

  3. Sounds like a great story that could be a movie too. Great review!

  4. Oh, I have this one on my TBR. It bodes well for me that you enjoyed it!

    Great review. :)

  5. Yeah, this does sound like a cutie. I've read a YA with one as a country music star, but not both.

  6. Oh yes I saw this one around but I haven't tried it

  7. Yeah this does sound like a good one.

  8. Oh, I didn't know this was a romance between two young country singers! I'm in! :)

  9. This sounds so fun! I love music so I'd enjoy the bits of that aspect. Great review!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  10. I really liked this book. These two were so damaged, but dealt with their pain in really different ways. I also loved them together, and I liked the way Hahn kept the mood very balanced throughout this story. I was a fan.

  11. I think the main thing that would intrigue me about this one is the romance aspect because it sounds so sweet! I also really love country music so having that included would be an extra layer of love for me :)


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