Review - A Dangerous Collaboration by Deanna Raybourn

A Dangerous Collaboration by Deanna Raybourn
Series: Veronica Speedwell Mystery #4
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Publication Date: March 12, 2019
Date Read: March 21, 2019
Length: 336 pages
Source: NetGalley
A bride mysteriously disappears on her wedding day in the newest Veronica Speedwell adventure by the New York Times bestselling author of the Lady Julia Grey series.

Lured by the promise of a rare and elusive butterfly, the intrepid Veronica Speedwell is persuaded by Lord Templeton-Vane, the brother of her colleague Stoker, to pose as his fiancée at a house party on a Cornish isle owned by his oldest friend, Malcolm Romilly.

But Veronica soon learns that one question hangs over the party: What happened to Rosamund? Three years ago, Malcolm Romilly’s bride vanished on their wedding day, and no trace of her has ever been found. Now those who were closest to her have gathered, each a possible suspect in her disappearance.

From the poison garden kept by Malcolm’s sister to the high towers of the family castle, the island’s atmosphere is full of shadows, and danger lurks around every corner.

Determined to discover Rosamund’s fate, Veronica and Stoker match wits with a murderer who has already struck once and will not hesitate to kill again.…
My Review

I had a fabulous time with this book!  I can't even tell you which book from this series is my favorite because they have all be consistently good.  I think that my favorite just ends up being whichever book I am reading at the time or just finished.  After finishing the previous book in the series, I was pretty eager to get started with this installment and I was not disappointed.  The book grabbed me from the beginning and held me until the final page had been turned.  I really enjoyed the time that I spent with this wonderful story.

This book is the fourth book in the Veronica Speedwell series.  While this book does focus on its own mystery, I do recommend reading this series in order since the relationships between the characters are an important part of the story and have progressed throughout the series.  This book picks up shortly after the events of the previous book and quickly finds the characters dealing with a new situation.

I really liked the fact that the bulk of this book takes place on a small island.  There are a limited number of characters but the characters that do play a role were all really interesting and sometimes colorful characters.  Most of the story occurs in a castle on the island which really made things interesting.  The castle had a lot of great features such as a poison garden.  I enjoyed discovering all of the things the castle had hidden right along with Veronica and Stoker.

I thought that the mystery in this book was really well done and kept me guessing which is always a big plus.  The mystery was very complex and I was quite impressed by how everything ended coming together.  I think that Veronica and Stoker make a wonderful team when they are working together on a crime.  I also really liked the developments in their relationship in this installment.  There were some really great moments between these two that has left me eager to read more as soon as I can.

I would highly recommend this series to others.  This is a series with fantastic characters who are smart and able to solve any puzzle thrown at them.  I found this to be quite the page-turner and I cannot wait to read more of this wonderful series.

I received a digital review copy of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley.

The Series
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About the Author

Deanna Raybourn, the author of the award-winning New York Times bestselling Lady Julia Grey series and several standalone novels, is pleased to introduce her new Victorian-set mystery series featuring Veronica Speedwell.  Deanna lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter


  1. I love it when I see people loving this series as much as I do. Veronica and Stoker are just awesome - and Stoker's little bulldog is an added plus as well.

  2. I liked book 1 but I'm a little late and need to read the others!

  3. I had a stumble for the first bit of this one, but then I loved it. Yes! The island and the castle atmosphere and the mystery were fabulous and I love this pair together.

  4. I haven't read the series but it sounds good.

  5. These are on my list to get to soon. I've thought about it every time another book is released. Fantastic review! Anne - Books of My Heart

  6. I need to catch up with the series. I've had fun, but the romance can be a little on frustrating side. Glad to hear there's some nice development here.

  7. Another great installment. Its good to know the series is still going strong.

  8. This series is on my wish list. It's nice to know you are still having fun with them:)

  9. I love this series! I will admit this one had me irritated throughout most of it but the ending was so great! :)

  10. Another really great cover for the series!

  11. I am glad that this was a good sequel and that it was a good addition to the series! I love when you get to go to an isolated setting like the island in this case. You can learn a lot about the characters in such scenarios.


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