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It's Tuesday!  That means it is time to make a little bit of room on the bookshelves, load up your ereader, or make your way to your local library.  In other words - It is time to get your hands on a new book!

Here are just a few books that have just been released that you may want to grab soon:

Smoke and Iron by Rachel Caine
To save the Great Library, the unforgettable characters from Ink and Bone, Paper and Fire, and Ash and Quill put themselves in danger in the next thrilling adventure in the New York Times bestselling series.

The opening moves of a deadly game have begun. Jess Brightwell has put himself in direct peril, with only his wits and skill to aid him in a game of cat and mouse with the Archivist Magister of the Great Library. With the world catching fire, and words printed on paper the spark that lights rebellion, it falls to smugglers, thieves, and scholars to save a library thousands of years in the making...if they can stay alive long enough to outwit their enemies.

An Affair with a Spare by Shana Galen

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He's turned seduction into an art form...

Rafe Beaumont, fifth son of an earl, uses his irresistible charm with the ladies to glean dangerous war secrets. Now he's putting those skills to the ultimate test: capturing an elusive assassin by seducing his daughter. The problem? She's entirely immune to Rafe's flattery.

Never before has Collette Fortier met a man as attractive as Rafe. But her father's life is at stake, and succumbing to Rafe would be disastrous. But when Rafe turns the tables on her, offering support and friendship instead of a fleeting affair, Collette finds herself tempted in ways she never could have imagined...

Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley

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riceless artwork has gone missing from the home of a wealthy baronet, and his wife stands to take the blame. When Kat's employer asks for help in clearing her friend's name, Kat trades her kitchen for the homes of Mayfair's wealthiest families.
Soon antiques are disappearing not only from the extravagant households of connoisseurs and collectors, but from the illustrious British Museum. As the thefts increase in frequency, Kat calls upon her friend Daniel McAdam, who has already set himself up in a pawnshop on the Strand as a seedy receiver of stolen goods. When a man is murdered in the shop, Kat must use all of her wits to see that the thieves are caught and justice is done.

Zen and Gone by Emily France

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Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Essence McKree feels older than any seventeen-year-old she knows. Ever since weed was legalized, Mom has been working in a pot shop, high more often than not. Lately it’s been up to Essa to care for her nine-year-old sister, Puck.

When Essa meets Oliver—a brainy indoor type, in town for the summer—she is cautious at first, distrustful of the tourist crowd and suspicious of Oliver’s mysterious past in Chicago. But Puck is charmed and pushes Essa toward him. Soon Essa finds herself showing Oliver the Boulder she has forgotten: the mountain parties, the long hikes…and at Oliver’s urging, the exploration of Buddhism at the local zendo.

When Oliver agrees to accompany Essa on a three-day survival game in the Rocky Mountains, she feels a lightness she hasn’t known in a long time. Then she discovers that Puck has stowed away and followed them into the wilderness. After spending a night stuck in a mountain storm, Essa wakes to find Puck missing. Now Essa must rely on her newfound spiritual strength if she is to save her sister’s life, and ultimately her own.
More Great Books Being Released Today
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Which new releases are you excited about this week?


  1. I'm just not sure about that Rachel Caine series. I loved The Morganville Vampires and I think I have the first in this series hiding somewhere on my ereader. Not sure if I'll get to it though.

    1. I enjoyed the first book in the series and do want to get caught it but it may not be for everyone.

  2. I really need to read the Rachel Caine series. I have the first two books. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. definitely the finale! I am waiting for ages! Come one Jess

  4. A couple of those look really good.

  5. Of course I have Caine's on my list. I loved the first two books and now I can continue with two more! Nice batch of new reads to check out. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading a couple of these.

  7. Great books! I loved Scandal Above the Stairs. I really want to read many of the others you mention. One of these days I'll read the Great Library series . . .

  8. I haven't read any of these, but I really want to read the Rachel Cain series! I've only heard good things about it. <3 Thanks for the list!

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

    1. The Caine series is one that I can't wait to get back to!


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