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The Lost Plot by Genevieve Cogman
Series: The Invisible Library #4
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Publication Date: January 9, 2018
Date Read: January 4, 2018
Source: NetGalley

After being commissioned to find a rare book, Librarian Irene and her assistant, Kai, head to Prohibition-era New York and are thrust into the middle of a political fight with dragons, mobsters, and Fae.

In a 1920s-esque New York, Prohibition is in force; fedoras, flapper dresses, and tommy guns are in fashion: and intrigue is afoot. Intrepid Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves caught in the middle of a dragon political contest. It seems a young Librarian has become tangled in this conflict, and if they can’t extricate him, there could be serious repercussions for the mysterious Library. And, as the balance of power across mighty factions hangs in the balance, this could even trigger war.

Irene and Kai are locked in a race against time (and dragons) to procure a rare book. They’ll face gangsters, blackmail, and the Library’s own Internal Affairs department. And if it doesn’t end well, it could have dire consequences on Irene’s job. And, incidentally, on her life...
My Review

I had such a good time reading this book!  This is the fourth book in The Invisible Library series and while it tells its own story, I do think that this series is best if read in order.  One thing that I love about this series is that each installment can be completely unique and the types of worlds that they visit really has no limits.  This was a very strong story that was incredibly entertaining from beginning to end.

Irene finds herself in a difficult situation once again.  She is approached by a dragon regarding a very important contest for a rare book.  The Library does not get involved in dragon politics and must maintain their neutrality so Irene reports the incident to her superiors.  Irene is given the assignment of investigating the actions of another Librarian and to find out what is going on with this situation.

Irene and Kai find themselves in a New York reminiscent of the 1920s complete with gangsters and other colorful individuals.  Irene is in trouble right away once she enters the city and soon finds herself at odds with the local police.  She must deal with them along with the local gangsters in addition to figuring out what is going on with the dragons and the other Librarian.

This was my favorite book in the series thus far.  I was completely charmed by the whole story.  I like how Irene is able to think quickly and can seem to get herself out of almost any situation.  Kai spent a lot of time away from Irene in this book but we get to see that he is equally capable.  I really like both of these characters a lot.  They are both willing to make sacrifices if necessary in order to make sure that the right thing is done.  Not to mention that dragons play a dominant role in this story which I found really interesting.

I would recommend this series to others.  I found myself swept away in a wonderfully crafted world filled with a variety of interesting characters.  I can't wait to read more of this delightful series!

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley.

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About the Author

Genevieve Cogman is a freelance author, who has written for several role-playing game companies. She currently works for the NHS in England as a clinical classifications specialist.

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter


  1. I really like the sound of this series! Also, I'm not ashamed to admit that the fact dragons play a dominant role in this story makes me particularly happy <3

  2. I don't think I know the series but with your review I confess that I'm curious!

  3. OMG I am so far behind on this series. I LOVED the first one so I must remedy that!

    1. I think that this one is my favorite in the series so far, Barb. I think you would like it too.

  4. The library sounds really interesting and I love Dragons.

  5. I've been wanting to read this series for some time now! I'm glad you liked this book! I simply adore these covers so I will probably buy them in the future! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. This sounds like such a good book/series. Definitely have to check it out!

  7. I love stories with dragons so I'm pretty sure I'll be checking out this series soon ;)
    Happy New Year Carole :)

    Vanessa @ Blushing Geek

  8. YES! I have been loving this series as well. From the different worlds to characters. I think my review is scheduled for next week.

    1. This is such a great series and the possibilities are really endless.

  9. I totally would have overlooked those covers but oh my gosh that sounds like a fantastic read, Carole! I'm adding them to my list!

    1. I am not a huge fan of the covers but this series has been fantastic. There really is not limit to what can be done in this world since each book takes the reader to a whole new world. So much fun!


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