Audiobook Review - So Long, Lollipops by Sarah Lyons Fleming @SLyonsFleming @justjuliawhelan

So Long, Lollipops by Sarah Lyons Fleming
Narrated by Julia Whelan
Series: Until the End of the World #1.5
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Publication Date: September 12, 2014
Date Read: December 10, 2017
Length: 3 hours 12 minutes
Source: Audible Freebie


This novella contains major spoilers from the novel Until The End of the World. It's suggested you read the novel before you hear So Long, Lollipops. Unless you're someone who likes to read the last page of a book first - in that case, enjoy!

Peter watched his new family drive away, certain it was the last time he'd ever see them. But sometimes plans go awry in the best way. Now, the plan is to get back to them.

Sometimes the only plan is to believe it will be all right, even when it's almost impossible to believe.
My Review

I really need to warn anyone planning to read the first book in the series, Until the End of the World, to stop reading this review now.  I cannot talk about this novella without spoiling the first book.  It just cannot be done.  This review could ruin one of the best moments in the first novel.  You have been warned.

I enjoyed this novella quite a bit.  I usually listen to audiobooks at work and only rarely listen to much at home.  I decided to start this one on a Saturday while I was walking my dogs and planned to finish during the work week.  I listened to the whole thing over the weekend because I couldn't get enough.  It is rather short but it answered a lot of questions that I had from the first book in the series.

**Spoilers Ahead**

This novella tells Peter's story.  Peter was a character that I wanted to feed to the zombies at the beginning of the series.  You know, the one guy that you kind of hope will die quickly and painfully.  Peter did what few characters are able to do.  He completely redeemed himself in the first book.  The same guy I wanted to see die a horrible death became a man that I got a little choked up over once I believed he had actually met that fate.   Not to mention the surprise and joy when I realized he had survived at the close of the first book.

Since finishing Until the End of the World, I wondered how Peter could have possibly survived.  When the group left him, he was in an impossible situation.  This novella details what Peter goes through from the point the group left him until he is reunited and what a story it is.  Peter has turned into a genuinely good guy that I would want fighting on my side.  He encounters a few new characters and has some great moments with them.  He also runs into more than a few zombies and things look dire a time or two.  Of course, I knew he would survive and make it back to the group since I saw that in the first book from Cassie's point of view.

I think that Julia Whelan does a great job with this series.  I am very happy to see that she narrates all of the books in the series.  I think it would have been a huge mistake to switch to a male narrator for this one despite the fact that this story is told from a male point of view.  She does a great job with Peter and all of the other characters he encounters.  I look forward to listening to this narrator again very soon.

I would recommend this book to others.  This is a series that really should be read in order.  I think it would be possible to read and enjoy this as a stand alone but I don't think that it could possibly have the same kind of impact.  I can't wait to read the rest of this touching zombie series!

This audiobook is currently free on Audible and the ebook is $0.99 at most retailers.

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About the Author - Sarah Lyons Fleming

I'm a Laura Ingalls devotee, wannabe prepper and lover of anything pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic—-or anything in between. Add in some humor and romance, and I'm in heaven.

Besides an unhealthy obsession with home-canned food and Bug Out Bag equipment, I love books, making artsy stuff and laughing my arse off. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I now live in Oregon with my family and, in my opinion, not nearly enough supplies for the zombie apocalypse. But I'm working on it.

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  1. I hadn't heard about this series but this book sounds pretty good.

    1. I am really enoying it, Mary. I should finish book 2 this week.

  2. It looks like a nice novella. I would be curious to try the series

  3. This looks like an interesting series. I think I have a book or two from it somewhere on my Kindle.

    1. I am really enjoying it, Barb. It has a lot of great characters and relationships offset by zombie action.

  4. I have not read the book so perhaps not for me then

    1. It would be best to read the series in order but I do recommend the series.

  5. Good warning just in case. Glad you liked this one!

    1. This is one of those cases that knowing anything about this novella will spoil the first book. It has been a great series!

  6. I always find it hard to enjoy novellas of a series because I feel like they are usually too short or too underdeveloped. But I am glad you were able to enjoy this one so much and it was actually quite good!

    1. This was really good because it showed us what actually happened with an event that happened away from the other characters in the first book. It anwered a lot of questions for me.


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