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Save a Truck, Ride a Redneck by Molly Harper
Series: Southern Eclectic 0.5
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication Date: October 16, 2017
Date Read: October 30, 2017
Length:  136 pages
Source: Won - Goodreads Giveaway
Molly Harper brings her signature “clever humor, snark, silliness, and endearing protagonists” (Booklist) to the charming small town of Lake Sackett, Georgia with the new Southern Eclectic series.

Carl and Marianne were high school sweethearts, loving the way only teenagers can—with no thought to logic or pride, just a bone-headed, optimistic frenzy of unicorns and hormones. That was all they needed. Or so Carl thought.

Scared of being stuck in Lake Sackett, Georgia, like so many of her friends—without a real shot at a future or achieving her own dreams—Marianne panicked and bolted to college after stomping Carl’s heart into the high grass. But when she returns to Lake Sackett for the summer with her family after years away, she and Carl are drawn together like moths to a flame. As they rekindle their old romance and remember what it was like to be in love, they have to wonder: is this, finally, their real chance at happiness?

Perfect for fans of Kristan Higgins and Amy E. Reichert, this warmhearted and witty love story introduces Molly Harper’s new Southern Eclectic series set in the small town of Lake Sackett, Georgia. This story about second chances proves that “Molly Harper never lets the reader down with her delightfully entertaining stories. Humor, emotions, and romance are cleverly matched, and her likable characters are most appealing” (SingleTitles).

My Review

I didn't want this story to end!  I was really excited to get my hands on this prequel novella to Molly Harper's Southern Eclectic series.  The fact that I won this title in a Goodreads giveaway made it even a little nicer.  I listened to the audiobook of another of Molly Harper's books earlier this year and really enjoyed it so I was really eager to give this new series a try.  This turned out to be a very enjoyable read.

This really felt like Marianne's story to me.  Yes, there is some romance between Marianne and Carl but this was Marianne's tale.  Marianne left the small town she grew up in when she went to college because she was looking for something more.  She found what she thought she wanted and has a life she likes and what she thinks she needs as she comes home for a little while before going to law school.

Marianne has a large and colorful family and they all live by each other.  Some of her family works in the funeral industry and Marianne is there to help out since she is home for a while.  She ends up putting some of her negotiation skills to use pretty quickly when a family can't decide how to handle a loved one's final wishes.  It was fun to watch Marianne try to find her spot in her family and their business.

When Marianne left the small town, she left Carl.  It is pretty obvious right away that Carl and Marianne are still very attracted to each other.  They have a lot of unresolved issues to work through since their break up was pretty rough but I thought that they really seemed to fit with each other.

I would recommend this book to others.  I will say that just as the romance started to get going the book ended.  I guess the idea behind a prequel novella is to make readers want to start reading the series and I can say that this novella accomplished that goal because I do want to find out what happens next.  Anyone who enjoys a fun romantic story filled with humor and great characters will enjoy this one.  I can't wait to read more from Molly Harper soon!

I won a kindle copy of this book from a giveaway on Goodreads.
About the Author

Molly Harper is the author of the popular series of paranormal romances set in the small Kentucky town of Half-Moon Hollow. She also writes the Bluegrass series of contemporary ebook romances, most recently Snow Falling on Bluegrass. A former humor columnist and newspaper reporter, she lives in Kentucky with her family. Visit her on the web at

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  1. The cover is so cute! The title is so fun! It does scream read me loud and clear

  2. This one looks good, I saw another great review about this one!I'm curious. I used to really enjoy her PNR stories

    1. I need to read more of her PNR books but this was a fun start to the new series.

  3. It seems like a great way to get to know the characters a little before the series starts. Great review!

  4. This one sounds like a great prequel to the series. And ohh, look at that cute cover <3

  5. I've had my eye on this series. Glad to know it's as cute I as I thought it would be and, thanks for the heads up that it's a lead in story.

  6. I enjoy a romance with humor. This sounds like a great taste of possibly a great series!

    1. I am hopeful that the rest of the series will be even better.

  7. That title is hilarious! It made me smile. I love a good rom-com, but a lot of them tend towards the crude. This series sounds like it could work for me.

  8. Oh good! I won a copy of this one, too, but in epub and I have mobi (ahhh!) so have't gotten to it yet. I'll have to suck it up and figuring it out now. :)

    1. Hopefully you get your copy sorted out quickly. I think you will enjoy this one, Anna!


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