October 2017 - Monthly Wrap - Up

October 2017

How is it already November?!?! October was a tough month for me.  It was an incredibly busy month and I really don't enjoy busy.  There was either a marching band competition or a homecoming dance every single weekend.  My daughter's marching band uses very large heavy wooden props for their show that requires a team of parents to accomplish.  I am a member of that team and it is very hard work.  I would leave with some kind of scrape or bruise and just as it heals I seem to acquire another one.  I thought marching band would be over at this point but their football team is in the playoffs so who knows how much longer it will go.

I have talked about the marching band so much during the past couple of months, I thought I should share a video of their last competition for anyone that is curious.  :)  It is a wonderful group of kids and parents and while it takes up my free time, it is also fun and rewarding.

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Reviews Posted 
(not necessarily read in October)

Reading Stats
Books Read: 13 total
Audiobooks: 5
Digital Books: 6
Print Books: 2
2 of these were re-reads

Book Source for Books Read in October
NetGalley: 4
Edelweiss: 0
Sent by the Publisher: 2
 Purchased: 5
Won: 1

Goodreads: 150/100 - Completed!!
Blogger Shame: 1 read towards the challenge in October

Favorites of the Month

Up Next

How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for November?


  1. I think you did really well considering how busy you were! October was a total bust for me!

  2. did well though, that is a lot more than i did

  3. I definitely want to read An Ex for Christmas. I can't believe it's November already, either, but also I am super wanting to read the holiday romances. :)

    1. It still doesn't seem like it can be time for Christmas books!

  4. Oh wow. You absolutely had a blast October Carole. Hope this November will be a good one for you too :)

    Vanessa @ Blushing Geek

  5. you had a really awesome October :D lovely reads, lovely new additions. I hope your November is just as good

  6. I really don't like being really busy either, it's stressful.

  7. Whew! Yeah, you've been busy. Do the bumps and scrapes count as combat injuries? LOL Wow, her band sure is talented- thanks for sharing the clip.

    You did great on your blogging and reading all things considered. Oh hey, I've got the new Linda Broday for next month, too.

  8. What a great month and I wish I could read that much. Love the band video - reminds me of old times. Hope you enjoy your upcoming holiday reads!

    1. It brings back memories for me. My band wasn't nearly as good as my daughter's.

  9. That video is awesome. I am always so impressed with the dedication band kids have. I keep seeing a lot of good reviews for Ex Christmas. I loved Blurred Lines by Layne, and will have to check that one out.

  10. I hope November will manage to be a bit more of a relaxed month for you because you've definitely earned it! And reading 13 books while being so busy is super impressive! October was my first full month at uni and well it has been getting used to things and making friends as well as getting used to a new form of education.

  11. Their show looks fantastic! It makes me nostalgic for when my own kids were in marching band though it's easy to forget just how much work it was when you've had a little time in between! 13 books is pretty great for how crazy your month was! Hope November is fantastic!

  12. It is crazy how fast it went. Woo yall parents do have a job! My mom helped out with mine back in the day and definitely challenging. That's awesome you can help out for your kids, though :)

  13. I hope the holiday months will be a bit calmer for you, Carole. Thank you for sharing the video! It looks like you had a great reading month in October! I should keep stats of how many books I buy, but I don't want to know. LOL I hope you have a great November, Carole!


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