Audiobook Review - Until the End of the World by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Until the End of the World by Sarah Lyons Fleming
Narrated by Julia Whelan
Series: Until the End of the World #1
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Publication Date: January 24, 2014
Date Read: October 31, 2017
Length: 13 hours 15 minutes
Source: Audible Purchase

Cassie Forrest isn't surprised to learn that the day she’s decided to get her life together is also the day the world ends. After all, she’s been on a self-imposed losing streak since her survivalist parents died: she’s stopped painting, broken off her engagement to Adrian and dated a real jerk. Rectifying her mistakes has to wait, however, because Cassie and her friends have just enough time to escape Brooklyn for her parents’ cabin before Bornavirus LX turns them into zombies, too.

This is difficult enough, but Cassie’s tag along ex-boyfriend and her friend’s bratty sister have a knack for making everything, even the apocalypse, more unpleasant. When the two attract a threat as deadly as the undead to their safe haven, Cassie’s forced to see how far she’ll go to protect those she loves. And it’s a lot farther than she’d anticipated. This, coupled with Adrian’s distant voice on Safe Zone Radio and, of course, the living dead, threaten to put Cassie right back into the funk she just dragged herself out of.

Survival’s great and all, especially when you have leather armor, good friends and home-brewed beer, but there’s something Cassie must do besides survive: tell Adrian she still loves him. And to do that, Cassie has to find faith that she’s stronger than she thinks, she’s still a crack shot and true love never dies.

My Review

I ended up really liking this book.  I stumbled upon this series quite by accident while I was browsing Audible.  I am a huge Walking Dead fan so I thought this looked promising and decided to give it a try.  This was a story that I liked more and more as I continued to read.  I listened to the audiobook for hours at a time and never tired of the story.  I am so glad that I took a chance with this book.

This book starts just as the trouble begins.  Cassie and her friends live in New York City and there is a virus causing people to get sick.  The group quickly figures out that things are a lot worse than they are being told and they make plans to get to Cassie's parents' home.  Cassie's parents prepared for disasters and though they have both passed away the home is well stocked.

I found that during the beginning stages of the book the focus was more on the drama between the characters than the zombie outbreak.  I really wanted someone to smack a couple of Cassie's "friends" and move on to more zombie stuff.  As the book progressed, I started seeing more and more of the zombie action that I had wanted.

There is a rather large cast of characters to keep track of in this book but each of their personalities were well developed so it really wasn't too much of a problem.  The characters do grow over the course of the book and the same characters that I wanted to feed to the zombies did end up redeeming themselves.  I did end up liking the characters and wanted to see the whole group remain safe.

I thought that Julia Whelan did a great job with this story.  She handled a large number of character voices very well.  She put a lot of emotion into the reading of the story and made some of the scenes fell even more intense.  She had a very pleasant reading voice and I look forward to listening to more of her work soon.

I would recommend this book to others.  This may not have been the most original story but it was a lot of fun.  I can't wait to see what is in story for Cassie and her friends in the next installment.

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About the Author - Sarah Lyons Fleming

I'm a Laura Ingalls devotee, wannabe prepper and lover of anything pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic—-or anything in between. Add in some humor and romance, and I'm in heaven.

Besides an unhealthy obsession with home-canned food and Bug Out Bag equipment, I love books, making artsy stuff and laughing my arse off. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I now live in Oregon with my family and, in my opinion, not nearly enough supplies for the zombie apocalypse. But I'm working on it.

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  1. I do not need original as long as it is fun :)

  2. it's been a while since I haven't read a book like that and even if it's not really original it looks good in a whole there

    1. It was a really good listen and I am looking forward to more of the series very soon!

  3. I am a Walking Dead fan too and my! Whenever there's zombie I can't wait to try them. And ohhh, this series sounds like a really good one too. Definitely checking this one out!

    Vanessa @ Blushing Geek

  4. This book sounds just like something that would happen to me. Got my life together...check. Zombie outbreak...check. I think I might check this one out.

  5. I'm not a big zombie fan but this does sound promising.

  6. It sounds funny from the blurb, even though the situation is quite serious with the world coming to an end and a zombie apocalypse and all. Great review. Glad you liked the story. I'll give it a shot :)

  7. This looks like a lot of fun, and as a Walking Dead fan and apocalypse enthusiast in general (that sounds bad), I'm definitely interested in giving this one a go! Nice that the author handled such a large cast well, too.

    1. The narrator did such a good job with this book. This one would be perfect for Walking Dead fans :)

  8. I think the horrible characters would put me right off this one and I'd probably DNF before I got to their redemption!

    1. Only a couple of characters were driving me nuts at the start of the book. I really liked Cassie and some of her friends from the start.

  9. I would enjoying this. So many elements I like in this type of story.

  10. I can count the number of good zombie books I've read on one hand but I am glad that this is one that grew on you as time went on. It made me laugh to see how it went from wanting to shake sense into some characters but then later on the zombie action kicked in and things improved. It's always nice to accidentally stumble across a new book you enjoy.

    1. This was a really great story. The characters really did grow on me.


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