Audiobook Review - The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz @tiffanyreisz @HarlequinBooks

The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz
Narrated by Teri Schnaubelt

Publisher: Harlequin Audio
Publication Date: March 28, 2017
Date Read: May 24, 2017
Length:  11 hours 18 minutes
Source: eStories Purchase
She has nothing to live for in the present, but finds there’s something worth dying for in the past…

From Tiffany Reisz, the international bestselling storyteller behind The Bourbon Thief and The Original Sinners series, comes an enthralling new novel about a woman swept away by the tides who awakens to find herself in 1921, reunited with the husband she’s been mourning for four years. Fans of Kate Morton and Diana Gabaldon will fall in love with the mystery, romance and beauty of an isolated South Carolina lighthouse, where a power greater than love works its magic.
My Review

I loved this audiobook!  I had read a couple of really good reviews for the book and decided to give the audio a try.  I am so glad that I did.  I couldn't get this book out of my head.  If I wasn't listening to it, I was thinking about it.  I listened to it for hours at a time and never tired of the story.  I am so glad that I took a chance and bought this book.

Faye is in a bad place in her life at the start of this book.  She is in a marriage that has reached its final days and is still grieving the husband she lost 4 years earlier.  She asks for a divorce and leaves to do a photography job.  She is going to take photos of lighthouses in the area but is really drawn to the lighthouse on Bride Island.  When she sees a photo of the lighthouses caretaker from nearly a hundred years ago, she is floored because it looks just her dead husband.

Fate enters the picture when she is transported to the past and finds herself with that man who looks just like her dead husband.  Carrick not only looks like her dead husband but has many of his mannerisms.  Faye finds herself occupying Faith's body who looks remarkably like her.  Can they love each other for who they really are instead of who they look like?

I really liked Faye and Carrick together.  They seemed so right together and really seemed to come alive when they were with each other.  They were very honest with each other and had a lot of respect for the other's feelings.  I loved the secondary characters as well.  Dolly was just amazing and I liked the link to her in the present time.  Father Pat was very wise and kind and was even willing to help make things happen.

I thought Teri Schnaubelt was the perfect narrator for this story.  I have never listened to her narration before but I really want to listen to her again soon.  She did such a good job with all of the different voices in this book.  I really felt all of the emotions of the story and never felt like the reading was over the top in any way.  She had a really nice delivery that made this an incredibly enjoyable experience.  I am pretty sure that I liked this book a little more because I decided to go with the audio.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of time travel romance.  This book is filled with wonderful characters and a really interesting story.  This was the first time that I have ever read anything by Tiffany Reisz but I hope to read more very soon.
About the Author

Tiffany Reisz is a multi-award winning and bestselling author. She lives on Mount Hood in Oregon in her secret volcanic lair with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer. Find her online at

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


  1. Don't you love it when a narrator just elevates a book? They just draw me in completely. This sounds soooo sad in a way. I hope she finds some sort of happiness ??

  2. I need to try something by her!

  3. So cool that you can't get this one out of your head! It's rare that books do that to you (well, for me especially) so that's awesome. it sounds like the audiobook was well narrated. I've not read anything by Reisz but I've heard good things about her books. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Carole!

    Have a great week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. I will have to add this book to my audible wish list! It sounds wonderful, Carole. I am glad you liked it so much. I can't resist a good time travel story.

  5. I always like a good time travel story, especially one that makes you think. These kinds of books when done well can stick with you, and sounds like this one did for you. Glad it was good!

  6. Oo interesting! I've been wanting to try her again. I might just have to do it with this one :D

  7. I have read this author's novel called The Bourbon Thief and I really loved that book, so I do want to read another by her! I just got her novel The Red, but after trying that one I will have to go back and give this one a read.


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