Review - Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen

Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen
Berkley Publishing Group
Publication Date: April 18, 2017
Date Read: April 8, 2017
Source: NetGalley

A jaw-dropping novel of psychological suspense that asks, "If the love of your life disappeared without a trace, how far would you go to find out why? " Hannah Monroe's boyfriend, Matt, is gone. His belongings have disappeared from their house. Every call she ever made to him, every text she ever sent, every photo of him and any sign of him on social media have vanished. It's as though their last four years together never happened.

As Hannah struggles to get through the next few days, with humiliation and recriminations whirring through her head, she knows that she'll do whatever it takes to find him again and get answers. But as soon as her search starts, she realizes she is being led into a maze of madness and obsession. Step by suspenseful step, Hannah discovers her only way out is to come face to face with the shocking truth...
My Review

This book and me did not get along.  I was so excited to read this novel because the story sounded exactly like the kind of book that I enjoy.  I thought it started out okay but then I found myself wanting to put it down.  I would set this book aside and read another book and go back to it and quickly find that I was bored again.  I actually ended up reading a couple of other books in the middle of this one which is something that I rarely do.  I considered not finishing this book but I pushed myself to finish it instead.  After finishing the book, I do wish that I had just stopped as soon as I realized that it wasn't working for me.

Hannah comes home from work to find her boyfriend, Matt, gone from their home.  Matt has taken absolutely everything that he had in their home.  It is like Matt never lived there.  Photos are gone.  He even erased all of the phone records, texts, and emails.  Hannah is stunned and has no idea where Matt has gone or why he left.  She can't get his loss out of her mind and starts working to figure out where he has gone.

After the initial shock of Matt's leaving, there didn't seem to be a whole lot going on in this book.  Hannah does not deal with his leaving well at all and her spiral downward is detailed in the story but it seemed to me that the story needed something to keep things moving forward.  I found that I spent most of the book rather bored.

The story does have a big twist and the last quarter of the book does pick up the pace.  I would imagine that most people will really appreciate this giant twist but by the time it was revealed, I had really lost any investment in the story that I had ever had.  I did find that the last section of the book did seem to move faster and was more entertaining.

I think that this is a book that some readers will love but it will not work well for others.  Unfortunately, I was in the later group.  I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading it that really thinks that they would enjoy it based on the description but I won't be encouraging readers to pick it up either.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Berkley Publishing Group via NetGalley.
About the Author

Mary Torjussen has an MA in Creative Writing from Liverpool John Moores University. She worked for several years as a teacher.

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  1. Books like this are vastly irritating -- a twist can't carry a whole book, you know? There's got to be more to it -- pacing needs to work especially for me. Too slow and it'd turn me off a book asap

  2. I agree, I loved this book but have also heard a lot of mixed reviews. Great review and I really enjoyed reading your point of view on this book.

  3. Oh my. I so wanted to read this book, now I am not so sure. Sorry to hear you did not enjoy it and I do understand your frustration.

  4. Maybe it would work, maybe not, I think more the not

  5. That's too bad. I'm learning to get better about DNFing. Life's too short to force a bad/meh book upon my self. I hope your next one's better.

  6. I just finished this one last night! And I've been struggling with my review a bit. I totally understand your feelings, I thought the same- after an intriguing start it got really slow until about 2/3 of the way through. And I wasn't super keen on Hannah either lol. Between Hannah and her friends I wasn't sure there was anyone I liked!

    Great review.

  7. It's a big gamble whether a stop or keep going. Sorry it fizzled out. The erasing himself from her life would grab me initially, too.

  8. oh I really try to stay far away from books like these, that just make me want to not pick it up. Its so hard when you want to read a book but can't get into it.

  9. Well that's definitely too bad that things kind of got boring. It seems like the twist came a little too late to work out for you. Hope the next mystery read does better for you! Thanks for the review (:

  10. The synopsis for this one sounds pretty good, but after reading your review I will probably pass. It doesn't sound like a book for me, especially if the only thing about the book that was good was the twist. lol! I hope you enjoy your next read much more. Great honest review!

  11. The premise would certainly draw me in. I'm sorry it wasn't better, Carole.

  12. I so agree about nothing really happening. I went back and forth between a 2 and 3 on this one because that middle part had me not caring but I enjoyed the beginning and the last bit enough to raise it up. Hannah's spiral and continuous whining started to drive me crazy after awhile and I just wanted something to happen!

  13. This one looked so good. Well, that was disappointing.
    Sam @ WLABB

  14. Oh man. Yeah, never a good sign when you keep putting it down and reading others. Bummer.

  15. Yes, sometimes it really is best to just let go of a book when it isn't for you. I'm so disappointed as well because I liked the cover and thought this one would be good. But it sounds like it was just a bit too boring for that >>


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