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72 Hours by Bella Jewel
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Mass Market Paperback | $7.99
ISBN: 9781250108340
Ebook ISBN: 9781250108357
Publication Date: April 4, 2017
Date Read: April 1, 2017

It’s all part of his sick game. A game he’s been planning for an entire decade. Now everything is perfect: One woman and one man have been selected. They used to be a couple—and they can no longer stand one another. They are the perfect victims. He doesn’t intend for the game to be easy. He wants to push them to the brink of insanity, to make his hunt real. . .

The couple has been captured and dumped into a massive wooded area. There’s only one rule in this fatal game: They will have 72 hours to find a way out before the sadistic serial killer begins his hunt . . .But what he never could have expected was the explosive passion that ignites between the two ex-lovers—one that makes them strong. Fierce. And determined to do whatever it takes to escape—and to survive. . .
My Review

This was such an entertaining book!  I picked this book planning to read just a bit to get a feel for the story.  Before I even knew what I happened, I had finished the entire book in a single afternoon.  The whole concept behind this story is incredibly exciting and everything came together very well.  I am so glad that I decided to give Bella Jewel's writing a try.

Lara and Noah used to be a couple but now they can't seem to even be able to talk to each other.  Noah wants to talk and tries to get Lara to listen to him but she doesn't want anything to do with him.  I have to admit that at the start of the book, I didn't really care for Noah or really Lara all that much.  Lara's backstory was interesting so I was curious about her but Noah really was quite stalkerish at the start of the story.

Lara and Noah wake up and find themselves in the woods and learn that they have 72 hours before they are hunted.  They finally have their talk and all as forgiven between each other and they work together to try to escape the wooded area they have found themselves in.  They soon find a fence and decide that they need to prepare for their attacker.

Once they are in the woods, this is a pretty fast paced book.  They are either planning in order to survive or actively working to evade the man who is trying to kill them.  It was fun watching them work together to outsmart the killer and even when things calmed a bit there was always a bit of tension because you never knew when he would return.

This book was incredibly entertaining but there were some things that were very far fetched.  This pair both seemed to be able to do some pretty amazing things despite some pretty serious injuries.  In reality, they would not have stood any kind of chance against a man with weapons and years to plan.  I understood this but to be honest, it didn't make me like the book any less.  I keep thinking that every action movie that I have ever watched has some of these same unrealistic tendencies.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of romantic suspense looking for an action filled and fast paced story.  I look forward to Bella Jewel's next romantic suspense novel.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from St. Martin's Press via NetGalley.
About the Author

BELLA JEWEL is a USA Today bestselling author of over 18 e-books, including the popular Alphas Heart eOriginal series with St. Martin's Press. She lives in North Queensland where she's working on her next novel.

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


  1. I love romantic suspense and this sounds good! I have not read this author before but I will read this book! Thanks for this great review!

  2. I love the fast-paced action, and that the characters have a backstory before the book even began. I'm a fan of romantic suspense, so definitely looking into this one.

  3. Oh man, this one sounds really good! I hadn't heard of this one before now, but I really love that synopsis. I love suspenseful books, especially with some romance thrown in. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it even if it was a little far fetched at times. Great review!

  4. Well that is for sure something that would be my darkest nightmare

  5. I've not read anything by this author! I've found that I love romantic suspense, and I want to read more of them. But I'm not a huge fan of second-chance romances. :/ I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Carole! I hope you enjoy more of this author's books in the future. :D

    Have a great week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. Ooo, you are tempting me with this review. I haven't read a romantic suspense in too long. To the WL it will go ;)

  7. Sounds so cool!! Adding it to goodreads.

  8. oh I so need to try out this book and very soon. I have enjoyed her in the past, but this book is so different from what she has done in the past and I do have a weakness for romantic suspense themes.

  9. I was kind of on the fence on this one just based off the blurb but this review has it firmly on my TBR! It sounds like such an exciting read.

  10. it looks quite well done for this one, your enthousiasm makes me want to discover it as well

  11. Romantic suspense has become one of my favorite genres, Carole, and this one sounds fantastic! you definitely hooked me with your review :)
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  12. Reading a book in one sitting is aways a good sign!! I hadn't heard of this one but I think I need to add it. Great review!

  13. This book sounds tempting. Romantic suspense is a genre that I love and you can I will be adding this to my list. Thanks for sharing. Great review.

  14. Hehe it must be good if you weren't even expecting to read it and suddenly you ended up completely sucked in! I guess in the light of such danger, small quarrels don't seem to be of importance anymore.

  15. I've still not tried her. It does sound like an exciting story. Sometimes it's okay to suspend belief just a little bit :D


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