Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 - Monthly Wrap-Up

February 2017

How is it already March?  I never believed my relatives when they told me that time moves faster as you get older but I am finding that they were absolutely right. 

Reviews Posted

Blogger Thoughts
  • I have continued doing most of my blogging on weekends which makes the week go much smoother.  It is just less stressful.  I didn't do it this past weekend and am really regretting it this week so I will make it happen from now on.
  • I posted 24 out of 28 days which is a good number.  I took Sundays off from posting during the month of February and it was a nice break.
  • I finished 11 books this month which is a bit shy of my total last month.  I think the real difference it that I read a lot more shorter romance novels in January that go really quick.
  • I finally finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes.  I liked it but that sucker was long....57 hours and 45 minutes.  I am going to be listening to some shorter books for a while.
    Outside of the Blog
    • There have been some really quiet weeks this month but some very busy ones as well.  I felt like I was having trouble getting anything done at some points in the month just because of my daughter's crazy schedule.
    • I took a random day off of work this month which was wonderful.  We were slow at work and I just told my boss that I was going to take an unpaid day off which he agreed to.  I hung out at the house with the dogs that day and read.  Perfect!
    • We have had a lot of really great weather during the month of February so it has been really nice taking the dogs for a daily walk.  My family complains a lot less when the temperature is in the 70's than they seem to do when it is in the 30's....I wonder why?
    • My daughter took a trip to Chicago with her Jazz Band and had a lot of fun.  Mr. Random Life and I had the house to ourselves for an entire weekend.  We didn't really do anything but it was nice not to have to run from one event to the next trying to keep up with our daughter.
      Up Next

      How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for March?


      1. I'm reading Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs this month but won't get my copy of Silence Fallen until the paperback release so I'm avoiding all reviews of it in case of accidental spoilers anywhere for both books! I seriously can't believe we are into March. It hardly seems like Christmas has passed!

      2. Can't wait to see what you think of Fire Child. I read that author's first book and really enjoyed it. I'm also super excited to get to Etched in Bone but it may be an April read - I have too much slated for March as is.

      3. Carole, you got great books read and reviewed last month that I'havent read. I'm curious about Roman and Never Let You Go. Those sound good. :-D
        Thanks for sharing.

      4. ll books in February is great! I posted a lot in Feb. but I had written a bunch of those post in advance, same with March. I like having my post written in advance too. I feel a lot less stressed out and it gives me more time to visit other blogs. I'm excited to see what you think of the SK Tremayne book. I read The Ice Twins and enjoyed it so I was curious about this one

      5. Oh, wow! That is an incredible month, Carole. I need to stop procrastinating on the weekends and follow your lead. I find that I'm so tired by the time my work day ends that I barely have a moment to crack open a book, much less blog. Sigh.

        I hope you'll continue this awesome streak in March.

        Happy reading!

      6. Good to see you establishing a good rhythm with your blogging and reading. Kids' schedules can be dizzying, but neat that you guys got a quiet weekend at home.

        I enjoyed your nice batch of reviews this month and look forward to what you think of your new ones.

        Have a Marvelous March, Carole!

      7. I remember that phase you're in with your daughter. I think I was exhausted for most of their high school lives! It got a little easier when they were driving so I at least didn't have to run them to practice and stuff but still! The day off sounds amazing and good for you for getting your posts done on weekends! I'm trying to get better at blogging ahead but haven't done as well as I'd like. Hope March is fantastic!

      8. 11 books is so many! I only managed five this month. And you're really busy so it seems like it is good that you could take a random day off and have the house to yourself for a weekend. It seems like your daughter is really going places and getting a lot of things done :D

      9. Time really does fly doesn't it?? Sounds like a good month! Oh man 58ish hours!!! That is a LONG audio. I am not sure I could do that. We had mostly nice weather this month which I hope continues in March - Have a great month ahead!

      10. Oh that's awesome you were able to take a just for you day this past month. Sounds like a great way to spend it, too! :)

      11. Wow! You sure had a lot of good reads for February! I need to get back into reading Patricia Briggs' books again!

        Here’s my February Monthly Wrap Up!

        Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog


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