November 2016 - Monthly Wrap-Up

November 2016

November was a good month.  I read some good books, had a week off of work, and even celebrated my birthday.  Thanksgiving was really nice to spend with family.  The weather was pretty mild making for an all around pleasant atmosphere.

Books Read 

Audiobooks Completed 

Reviews Posted

Blogger Thoughts
  • I had 23 posts on my blog during the month of November.  Not as many as the beginning of the year but this seems to be what I can easily handle.
  • I am not getting around to as many blogs as I would like.  I sometimes just cannot type anymore once I get home from work so my plans of visiting blogs just doesn't seem to happen.
  • I had a pretty good reading month with 10 books completely.  I only finished one audiobook but it was a really long one.  I spent most of the month listening to another that I didn't finish until December.
  • It looks like it is going to be really close on my Goodreads goal this year.  I am really regretting setting my goal so high at 150 books.  I ended up picking a few really long books this year which have slowed my pace somewhat.
          Outside of the Blog
          • November didn't feel quite so busy.  I had a week off from work and celebrated my birthday so all in all it was a good month.
          • My carpal tunnel continues to be a problem.  The week off from work did help a bit so I am hopeful that it can improve with rest.
          • I bought way too many books this month.  I can't resist a good sale and it is that time of year.  I even bought myself a new kindle.  As someone that doesn't like to spend money, this was a change in behavior.
          • My Outlander obsession was in rare form for the month of November.  My husband and daughter are actually hooked on the show as well at this point and don't mind my obsessive re-watching of episodes.
                      Up Next

                      How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for December?


                      1. I need to somehow reign in my book buying next year but I don't honestly see it happening. I'm reading hours every night but the pile isn't going down any! I did well in my November reading goals and picked a hard goal for December but I'm doing ok with it so far. Good luck reaching your target!

                        1. I had a moment where I thought about not buying any books next year...but that is just crazy talk. I would only be setting myself up for failure.

                      2. Great month, then. You did tackle some pretty long ones with your Outlander series and The Bronze Horseman. I went a bit crazy with the book buying recently, too.

                        1. Outlander and The Bronze Horseman were longer reads. I would be closer to finishing my Goodreads goal if I just kept to shorter books.

                      3. Glad you had a good month!! I am reading Everything You Want Me to Be right now and liking it and have Under Rose Tainted Skies coming up soon too. Have a great month!

                        1. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying Everything You Want Me to Be. I am starting Under Rose Tainted Skies next.

                      4. Nice to know that you had a good reading month. And 150 books is really amazing!! I only have 80 books on my challenge (and I'm so glad that I'm finally done with it!! :D).

                      5. I am with your about blog visits. I do what I can, but I am not able to get around as much as I would like these days. I think most of us understand though. I am sorry to hear your carpal tunnel is still bothering you. It's one of those things that never completely goes away, but we can hope for more pain free days than not. I suffer from it too, unfortunately. Although luckily it's not flaring up right now.

                        I am thinking of taking a month off from blogging coming up in the new year. Just focus on my reading and other things.

                        I hope you have a great week, Carole!

                      6. Don't worry, I completely understand. I have been having a lot more trouble making time and getting around to all of the blogs lately as well. Sometimes there just isn't the time, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up for it.


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