Friday, October 7, 2016

September 2016 - Monthly Wrap-Up

September 2016

I had a pretty good September.  I love that the weather is starting to seem a bit like fall even though we had some really hot days during the month of September.  

Books Read 

Audiobooks Completed 

Reviews Posted

Blogger Thoughts
  • I had 27 posts for the month of September which I am very happy with.  I also got somewhat caught up with reviews (for a moment) with 14 reviews being posted.
  • I had a little more time to dedicate to the blog but it is still really hard to manage reading, creating posts, and visiting other blogs.  If only I could give up that pesky full time job...
  • I have really enjoyed my reading in September and came close to getting back on target with my Goodreads goal for the year.  Of course, I am already a couple of books behind once again.
  • I had my first DNF for the year this month.  I am so glad that I have given myself permission to stop reading books that I am not enjoying.  I don't do it often but rarely regret it when I do.
          Outside of the Blog
          • September was another busy month.  School is in full swing with 2 all day marching band competitions and Friday night football games taking up a lot of my free time.  
          • I was involved in a car accident at the beginning of September.  I was sitting at a red light so it was completely the other driver's fault.  Negotiating repairs and the general hassle of everything was anything but fun.  My car only had 6,000 miles on it and I loved it.  With major rear end damage totaling over $7,000 including damage to the car's frame, it will most likely never be quite the same.
          • We are still walking our pack of dogs every night (ok...only 3 but still).  They love it and it is good for us to get out and move.  Now that it is getting dark early, we get to navigate the neighborhood with a flashlight most nights.
          • I ended the month with a pretty busy week by attending a Rob Thomas concert which I loved followed by a Cardinals game the next night.  Both events were a lot of fun but I am happy to report that I have no other events lined up right now.  I am ready for a break!

                      Up Next

                      How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for October?


                      1. Sounds like a busy month IRL and blogging/reading!! Wow it took to September for your first DNF?!? I am impressed. That really stinks about your car. Hope you have a great October!

                        1. I wonder if I am picking out books to read a bit better or if I should have set a few other books aside this year. Of course, I don't stop reading books often.

                      2. Sounds like a busy but good (well except for the car accident) month! It's hard giving yourself permission to quit a book but it does take the pressure off. Hopefully the car damage won't be too permanent and won't change anything too much. Have a great October!

                        1. Up until a few years ago, I finished books no matter what. That was silly so now if I decide I don't like it I try to remind myself that I don't have to read it.

                      3. I think you did awesome considering you work full time and care for a family. You read some good ones. DNFs are tough, but yes, I've learned not to regret them either.
                        That antho you have coming up looks great.

                        1. I am getting ready to start the anthology. I am in a short story kind of mood so this should be perfect.


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