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Audiobook Review - Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews @ilona_andrews #katedaniels

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
Narrated by Renee Raudman
Series: Kate Daniels #3
Tantor Audio
Publication Date:  August 6, 2009
Date Read: October 12, 2016 (2nd read)
Source: Audible Purchase
When magic strikes and Atlanta goes to pieces, it’s a job for Kate Daniels…

Drafted to work for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, mercenary Kate Daniels has more paranormal problems these days than she knows what to do with. And in Atlanta, where magic comes and goes like the tide, that’s saying a lot.

But when Kate’s werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead, she must confront her greatest challenge yet. As her investigation leads her to the Midnight Games—an invitation-only, no-holds-barred, ultimate preternatural fighting tournament—she and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, uncover a dark plot that may forever alter the face of Atlanta’s shapeshifting community…

My Review

There is a strong likelihood that this review is really going to sound more like gushing than anything else.  I am okay with that and hope you are as well.  I am a HUGE fan of this series and have been for since I found the series in early 2012.  I read the first 5 books within a couple of weeks and can't wait for the next book to be released every year.  This is a series that I will most likely re-read often because it is just so good and a lot of fun to revisit.

This was a re-read for me and I actually remembered more of the basic story that I would have guessed.  I mean I can't usually remember why I walked into a room these days so remembering the detailed plot of a book that I read in 3 days over 4.5 years ago is an achievement.  I actually think that I liked this book a little more on this re-read because I know exactly where the characters are in their lives after 9 books and taking a peek into their past is just a lot of fun.

I really, really liked the first 2 books in the series but this is the book that really turned me into a dedicated fan.  After finishing the book for the second time, I understand why this book grabbed me like it did the first time.  There is a lot going on in this story and many of my favorite characters play a large part of the story.  It is amazing how many future events in the series are foreshadowed in this book.

This book is packed with excitement.  There is a bit of mystery to solve.  A whole lot of intense action scenes.  There are some tense moments regarding the health of one of my favorite characters.  Seriously, did you hear what happened to Derek?  No?...well you will have to read the book to find out.  There is Curran.  And a hot tub.....need I say more?  The chemistry between Kate and Curran in this book is off the charts.  I have read a lot of romantic scenes over the years and only rarely is an author able to capture chemistry in such a way that I can feel my toes curl but this series does it perfectly with this pair.

I really liked the narration in this audiobook.  I thought that Renee Raudman did a fabulous job with this book.  This is a complete turnaround for me.  I had some problems with the narration in the first two books and yes, this is the same narrator.  In the first book, I didn't care for the voice used for Curran.  In the second book, I really couldn't stand the voices used for Julie.  Julie wasn't in this book too much but I wasn't ever bothered by her voice this time around.  And Curran - I actually like the voice for him quite a lot in this book.  It seems that I really just needed to adjust to the narrator's interpretation of this awesome world.

I cannot recommend this series enough to fans of urban fiction.  This is the third book in the series and I feel like this is a series that really does need to be read in order.  They are all wonderful books so you will be doing yourself a favor by starting at the beginning anyway.  I am ready to jump into a re-read of the next audiobook in the series right away.

The Series

Book #1 - Magic Bites
Book #2 - Magic Burns
Book #3 - Magic Strikes
Book #4 - Magic Bleeds
Book #5 - Magic Slays
Book #6 - Magic Rises
Book #7 - Magic Breaks 
Book #8 - Magic Shifts
Book #8.5 - Magic Stars
Book #9 - Magic Binds 
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About the Author

Ilona Andrews” is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.)

Gordon and Ilona currently reside in Texas with their two children and many dogs and cats.

They have co-authored two NYT and USAT bestselling series, the urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge and working on the next volumes for both.

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


  1. I know, I know! I really should read these books. I'm slowly accumulating the series, though.

    1. Yes! I want to convert anyone who hasn't read this series,

  2. Oh neat! I love that you are doing a re-read with the audio format this time. I remember so much about this particular one in the series. And gah- the hot tub scene. Have you read it from Curran's POV in the group of shorts that Gordon Andrews did?

    1. I love doing re-reads in audio. It is different but the same that way if that makes in sense. I did read the Curran POVs but it was a long time ago. I need to look that one up again. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This series is taunting me! I haven't really read any urban fantasy but I've been wanting to try it and this series sounds amazing! I love that you're still gushing over the series!

    1. I hope you give it a try some time. I just love everything about it.


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