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Audiobook Review - The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood @AlexMarwood1 @ImogenChurch @TantorAudio

The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood
Narrated by Imogen Church
Tantor Audio
Publication Date:  October 28, 2014
Date Read: September 19, 2016
Source: Audible Purchase
Everyone who lives at 23 Beulah Grove has a secret. If they didn't, they wouldn't be renting rooms in a dodgy old building for cash - no credit check, no lease. It's the kind of place you end up when you you've run out of other options.The six residents mostly keep to themselves, but one unbearably hot summer night, a terrible accident pushes them into an uneasy alliance. What they don't know is that one of them is a killer. He's already chosen his next victim, and he'll do anything to protect his secret.

My Review

This was a little different than I thought it would be based on the title.  I saw this audiobook while it was on sale at Audible recently and decided to buy it largely because of the title and the narrator.  I thought that it would be a book completely focused on the killer alluded to in the title.  That's not exactly what the book was.  It's focus was not just on the killer but the entire building's tenants.  Everything came together in the end and I did enjoy the story.

There are a lot of characters that make up this story.   Each of these people have their own story to tell and as the book unfolds we do learn quite a bit about them.  This group of individuals have more than their fair share of problems.  I loved how they became close to each other as things happened.  The friendships that developed felt very real.

Of course, there were a couple of characters that were anything but lovable.  The landlord was a piece of work that made my skin crawl anytime we took a peek at his thoughts.  Then there is the killer.  These sections were actually some of my favorite in the story but I tend to like stories that are rather gruesome but not all readers will enjoy those parts as much as I did.

I thought the narrator did a fabulous job.  There are a lot of characters to keep straight in this book and they do spend a lot of time interacting with each other.  The narrator was able to use distinctive voices for each character and seamlessly switched back and forth.  I never had any difficulty keeping track of who was who in the story.  I do think that I liked this story a bit more because I chose the audio format.  The narrator really brought a lot to the story.

I would recommend this audiobook to others.  I think that the strong characters and the mystery of the killer worked well together in this story.  This is the first book by Alex Marwood that I have read but I plan to look for her work in the future.

About the Author

Alex Marwood is the pseudonym of a journalist who has worked extensively across the British press. Her first novel, The Wicked Girls, won the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original. The Killer Next Door, her second novel, won a Macavity Award for Best Mystery Novel.

Imogen Church is an actress who has worked in every nook and cranny of the industry, from theater, film, and commercials to cabaret, improvisation, and poetry. Her voice work includes radio sketch comedy, commercials, documentary narration, and audiobooks.


  1. It reminds me of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians the way all these people have secrets and one is a killer with a victim planned. Sounds great, really.

    1. I haven't read Agatha Christie. I know that I should try to fit her work in soon.


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