Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 - Monthly Wrap-Up

August 2016

I finally picked up the pace a bit!  After not getting a lot of books read the past couple of months, I was a bit worried the trend would continue but I was able to read 8 books this month and I finished 4 audiobooks.  I am still going at a slower pace than my normal rate but with a 10 month old puppy in the house finding reading time is hard!

Books Read 

Audiobooks Completed 

Reviews Posted

Blogger Thoughts
  • I posted 23 times during the month of August.  I completed 9 reviews so I am pretty happy with those numbers.
  • I feel like I got back into my blogging groove a bit this month after having a hard time keeping up for the past several months.  Life calmed down so blogging seemed to be a bit easier to manage.
  • I am trying not to be so hard on myself.  Blogging should be fun and I think I had some unrealistic expectations for myself in some aspects.
  • I had a much better reading month.  I am also completely into audiobooks right now.  I am still behind on my Goodreads challenge but I am pretty sure that I will catch up soon.
          Outside of the Blog
          • August was quite the busy month.  My youngest daughter turned 16 and we had a slumber party to celebrate.  School started early in the month so now we are back in a routine and it seems to be going well.  To top it off, my daughter was able to get her driver's license which means I get to stay home while she goes to activities.
          • School started so we are knee deep in marching band season.  So far, I have opted out of doing a lot of volunteering but I will probably lend a hand in a couple of weeks when they start going to competitions.
          • I am still walking the dogs on a daily basis.  Most night it is me and my husband walking the 3 dogs but my daughter does help at least a couple of times every week.  It is a nice way to spend some time together!
          • My oldest daughter introduced me to her boyfriend which was a first.  She started a new job and I am hopeful that she will really enjoy it.  
                    Up Next

                    How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for September?


                    1. It looks like you had a great August, Carole. I am glad life has calmed down some for you and you have gotten back into blogging. It's been such a busy summer. It's taken me out of my routine. No complaints though.

                      Congratulations to your daughter getting her driver's license. That must ease things some for you. It sounds like things are going well on the home front. :-)

                      I hope you have a wonderful September!

                      1. It has been a busy summer. I think that this year has been crazy because I added 2 puppies to the family and they have so much energy! Thanks!

                    2. Great job completing 9 reviews and reading so many books Carole! :)
                      Miranda's Book Blog

                    3. Glad to hear things picked up for you this month and look better for the next month. This was my slow month getting things done, but hopefully September will pick things up again.

                      1. I love summer but I think that I am ready for fall this year!

                    4. You know now that my kids are out of high school I kind of miss all the marching band craziness! Yay for your daughter getting her driver's license! It makes life so much easier. You did get some good reading done though I do imagine the puppy is slowing things down a bit.

                      1. Marching Band is nuts! I can't believe how much they expect out of everyone including parents. I am loving my daughter's new ability to take herself to practices.

                    5. You had a fantastic month! Oh, I see Sting. Easily the best of Sandra Brown. :D

                      1. Sting was good but it wasn't my favorite Sandra Brown book. I was happy to find a bit more reading time this month.


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