Friday, August 5, 2016

July 2016 - Monthly Wrap-Up

July 2016

I feel like such a slacker!!  I only read 6 books all month long which is not my normal reading speed at all.  Of course, last month was even worse.  I also didn't finish any audiobooks which is unusual for me.  I listened to some of an audiobook but I wasn't able to finish it up before the month's end. 

Books Read 

Reviews Posted

Blogger Thoughts
  • I posted 24 times during the month of July which sounds pretty respectable.  I did have a few posts that just made announcements so I do feel like I have some room for improvement.  
  • I took a few much needed days off from blogging in June.  I was feeling really burned out when it was time for me to sit down and write a review one night so I decided to give myself a break.  
  • I am still struggling to find the time to fill all of my home and work obligations, prepare posts, and still find the time to visit all of the blogs that I want to during the week.  Hopefully, I can find a system that will work for me.  I read a lot of posts in my emails but I just am having trouble getting to the blogs to comment.
  • I am way behind on my reading.  I did fly through the Ilona Andrews book this month so I know that I still have the ability to read fast.  I think that the trio of dogs around my house are just provided too many distractions.  Hopefully, I can get caught up on my Goodreads challenge soon because right now I am 11 books behind - aack! 
          Outside of the Blog
          • My husband and I took a week off of work during the first week of July.  We didn't really do much besides hang out around the house but it was a nice break.
          • My husband and I worked the alcohol stand that benefits my daughter's high school band twice this month.  We worked the Heart, Joan Jett, and Cheap Trick concert one week and then worked Journey and The Doobie Brothers a couple of weeks later.  It was really hard work and it wore us both out.  We have decided that this is just not our thing so we are officially retiring from serving alcohol. :)
          • I have been really good about walking the dogs every night which is good for me and the dogs (probably my husband too since I make him come along with me).  I even was brave enough to walk all 3 of the monsters by myself one time during the month.  We made it but it was a bit of a struggle.  We are still working on walking nicely on a leash with the 1 year old and 9 month old dogs.  I hope they get it figured out soon!
          • My youngest daughter started Marching Band camp at her school in July and I am not ready for the season to begin.  It is a lot of work for parents!  She is having fun so that is the important part. 
                    Up Next

                    How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for August?


                    1. Oh, don't feel about the 6 books you've read. That's more than a lot of us could say! Really looking forward to reading Sting by Sandra Brown!

                      Have a wonderful August!

                    2. I can totally relate to the blogger struggle. I’m behind on book reviews (again), and I can never do as much for the blog as I would like. I can also relate to walking multiple misbehaving dogs. When I walk my dogs, people look at me with pity because the dogs are nearly ripping my arms off.

                      Aj @ Read All The Things!

                    3. I read 18 books in July, which is pretty average. I just need to catch up on reviews, and I think everything will fall back into place. My goals for this month, and next, are to listen to more audio books. I have about 15 that I need to listen to, but I may only get about half of them done. Hopefully.

                    4. Maybe you only got a half dozen or so books read, but your life sounds full and busy so I think that counts as monthly accomplishment, too. And no pressure on the blog visits as far as I'm concerned. We're all busy so it's understood that life take priority. :)

                      Good for you getting out with all three dogs. Brave stuff. Haha! I struggle when I have two on the end of leashes.

                      Have a great August, Carole!


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