My Random Life #1

My Random Life

General Life Happenings
Whew!  What a week this has been!  I have been kind of looking forward to this week and had lot of big plans.  None of which worked out.  My daughter has been in Indiana at a week long band camp so my husband and I have the house to ourselves (if you don't count the animals).  I had plans to get caught up on visiting blogs and reading several books among other things.  Plans are nice but rarely work out in my world.

This week has instead consisted of a horrible migraine, puppy diarrhea, and an over the top heat wave.  The migraine that I had made it impossible to look at any screen.  It was actually quite scary to be honest.  I have never had an ocular migraine before although I have had migraines and I hope to have neither kind ever again.  My head still starts feeling off anytime I look at a screen for too long so I will wait a bit before I spend too much time online.

Reading Life
I was in the middle of a book at the beginning of this week.  Unfortunately, I have to read this book on my tablet since I can't put it on my kindle.  Because of my migraine, I had to put it aside.   I am really looking forward to getting back to The Wolf Road and thought it had a really strong start.  

Since I couldn't just have nothing to read, I loaded the next book on my list, Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis, onto my kindle and am not having any trouble reading it even though I am need to use a huge font.  I am really enjoying this one and should finish it sometime this week.

Listening Life
I decided to listen to an audiobook during our drive to Indiana and back on Sunday to drop our daughter off at camp.  Yes, my poor husband spent Father's Day in the car all day getting his baby girl to camp.  He is a keeper.  I haven't felt the need to pick it back up during the work week but I am looking forward to finishing it during our trip to pick her up on Saturday.  

Surprising Life
I did have a pleasant surprise this week as a result of the Apple settlement.  I must be living under a rock because I had no idea that Amazon customer's would be getting any kind of settlement.  I had a kindle during the time period the the suit addressed and I hate to say that I bought an embarrassingly large number of books during that time.  When I received an email that I had a huge credit added to my account, I was more than a little surprised.  It is really tempting to go crazy buying more books or to splurge on something but I will probably just use the money to buy dog food and other fun stuff that I usually buy on Amazon.

What's coming up?
We leave bright and early on Saturday to pick up our daughter at camp.  There is a concert in the middle of the day so it is going to be a long day.  Otherwise, next week should be pretty calm....let's hope :)

What is going on in your world?


  1. Migraines are horrible! I hope yours will go away soon. I need to start that series by Jill.

    I hope you'll feel better soon.

  2. Headaches are the worst. I hope your daughter is having fun at camp.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. So sorry about the migraine!! That sounds awful. I got an embarrassingly large Amazon credit too. I did splurge on books and wireless earphones for audiobooks though. Hope your next week is calmer!!

  4. Sorry about your migraines, they are the worst. I'm having a surprisingly good week, so far. I just ready to go to Florida in a couple of weeks. I need the beach!

  5. Oh yeah, the migraine and the puppy issues would really sideline a person. Safe travels to pick up your girl at band camp. Hope next week is better for you.

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear about the migraine. They are the absolute worst. I'm hoping the puppy diarrhea didn't coincide with the migraine because that's just cruel! Quiet weeks never do stay as quiet as we planned them do they? I always seem to end up getting less done! I'm curious about the new Shalvis book. I've loved her Lucky Harbor, liked the Animal Magnetism but was just okay with the book I read from the series set in Colorado. Have a great week and feel better!

  7. Oh man, I've never had a migraine, so I can only imagine the pain you were in. Hope your head is better now. I also hope you can get back to Wolf Road soon - it was a pretty good read. Here's to a better week! <3


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