May 2016 - Monthly Wrap-Up

May 2016

  May was a little crazy at my house.  I honestly didn't even know what I was doing most days in May.  I feel like I keep complaining about how busy we have been to you guys but it is the truth.  I really don't like the busy pace that my life has taken and I am eager for things to slow down.  If I can just make it through the summer, my daughter will be old enough to get her license and can start taking herself to some of her commitments.  I am on the countdown!

Books Read 

Audiobooks Completed 

Reviews Posted

Blogger Thoughts
      • I was absolutely horrible at visiting and commenting on blogs this month.  I am so very sorry to all of my blogger friends and I will be trying to do better in the future.
      • I didn't come close to posting every day this month but I posted at least 5 days per week which is my actual target so I am okay with it.
      • I am behind on my reading and if I don't speed things up soon, I don't know what I will be reviewing on the blog.  
      • I did have a post in May that was a little different than what I normally do.  It was just a top 5 list but I may try to come up with some new ideas to share soon.
        Outside of the Blog
            • My oldest daughter spent the whole month of May in Hawaii.  She turned her vacation into a very long stay.  I am eager to have her back where she is supposed to be so that I can stop worrying.
            • My puppies are such a handful!  Molly is our troublemaker.  She turned 7 months old in May and she reminds me of a 2 year old child since she is constantly into everything.  I love my dogs but juggling 3 can be a bit much at times.
            • My youngest daughter finished her freshman year with straight A's.  Now that she is done with school,  she has filled her social calendar to the point that I can't keep up with it anymore.  I wish I had half of her energy.
            • I got to go see the Dave Matthews Band in concert at the end of May.  I am a HUGE Dave Matthews fan and even drove all the way from Missouri to Virginia Beach to see them a couple of years ago.  To say that it made me happy is an understatement. 
              Up Next

              How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for May?


              1. You did have an eventful May and that happens. Let's hope for a slower summer for you so you can get back to your books. You read a handful that I added to my list. :)

                Have a good month of June, Carole!

              2. Sounds like May was super busy!! I hope it starts to slow done for you!! Very cool you got to see DMB. I have always wanted to catch them live. Hope you have a great June!

              3. It may have been crazy busy, but sounds like it was a good month. Hope June is calmer and better.

              4. Crazy month, indeed. At least you got to read some. I had a tough May so let's hope for a better June for the both of us. :)

              5. Oh my gosh, May does sound like a very, very busy month for you, Carole! I'm glad your oldest daughter will be coming back home soon. It's always strange when our children are far from home, but I guess we kind of better get used to that, no?
                I hope you'll have a more quiet month of June, and that you'll be able to settle the dogs a bit, too. I guess I'm a bit afraid Freddy will be more of a rascal in a few months than he is now... at 4.5 months he's quite a handful, though ;)
                Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
                Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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