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Nobody's Fool by Sarah Hegger
Series: Willow Park #2
Kensington Books - Zebra
Publication Date: August 25, 2015
Date Read:  August 18, 2015

In Sarah Hegger's latest Willow Park Romance, long-held crushes and past frenemies reunite--and wonder if there's ever a second chance to make a good first impression. . .

Holly Partridge had no plans to return to Willow Park, Illinois, until her troubled younger sister Portia fled her home and aimed herself straight at Holly's high school nemesis--too-gorgeous-to-be-true Josh Hunter. Riding a manic bipolar high, Portia's only a danger to herself, but Holly needs to find her before she crashes. That means asking Josh for help.

The ultimate love 'em and leave 'em lothario, Josh was never good for anything but a broken heart. But now he's lending a hand when Holly needs it most--and revealing surprising generosity and compassion. Has Josh shed his bad boy ways? Or is Holly suddenly grown up enough to acknowledge her own mistakes? Trusting Josh could be a disaster--or the first step in banishing the past to make way for a future happier than Holly ever imagined. . .

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I enjoyed this complicated romance.  There really was a whole lot of story packed into this novel.  I really do like the fact that this series isn't afraid to touch upon difficult subjects, including mental illness in this book.  I do wish that the story focused on the romance between Holly and Josh a bit more than it did.  This book really felt like it was more about Holly's family issues than anything else but I did enjoy the overall story.  

Holly is the oldest of four sisters and has always held the role of protector.  In fact she has almost raised her two youngest sisters, Portia and Emma, along with help from her sister, Grace.  When Portia disappears from their home in London, Canada, Holly goes to Chicago to find her.  Portia is mentally ill and has not been taking her medication so Holly has a lot to worry about and only one clue....Josh.

Josh is attractive and he knows it.  He tries hard to be a good person and not take advantage of anyone.  When he runs into Holly, he is shocked and is quickly pulled into her quest to find her sister.  The pair soon develop feelings for each other but Holly isn't sure that she can fit a relationship into her life along with all the responsibilities that she has in caring for her sisters.

I really liked the story and all of the characters but felt that the romance took a back seat to the drama involving Holly's sisters.  At times, Holly's sisters seemed like stronger characters than Holly since their needs really took over the book.  I really wanted more romance in this story.  I didn't feel the chemistry between Josh and Holly that I had hoped for.  I actually think that the pair were more interesting before they found Holly's sister.  Of course, they never seemed to be alone together after that happened.  As each sister appeared on the page, the chemistry seemed to weaken.  I wanted their actions to show what they felt for each other instead of needing to be told. 

I did enjoy reading this book quite a bit.  This is the second book in the Willow Park series but it can definitely be read as a stand alone novel.  The only thing that this book shares with the first is the setting and a few of the characters.   I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as the first book in the series but it was certainly a worthwhile read.  I would recommend this book and found it to be a very easy to read and entertaining story.  I plan to continue reading this series and look forward to other works by Sarah Hegger. 

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Kensington Books - Zebra via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

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About the Author

Born British and raised in South Africa, Sarah Hegger suffers from an incurable case of wanderlust. Her match? A hot Canadian engineer, whose marriage proposal she accepted six short weeks after they first met. Together they’ve made homes in seven different cities across three different continents (and back again once or twice). If only it made her multilingual, but the best she can manage is idiosyncratic English, fluent Afrikaans, conversant Russian, pigeon Portuguese, even worse Zulu and enough French to get herself into trouble.

Mimicking her globe trotting adventures, Sarah’s career path began as a gainfully employed actress, drifted into public relations, settled a moment in advertising, and eventually took root in the fertile soil of her first love, writing. She also moonlights as a wife and mother.

She currently lives in Salt Lake City with her teenage daughters, two Golden Retrievers and aforementioned husband. Part footloose buccaneer, part quixotic observer of life, Sarah’s restless heart is most content when reading or writing books.

Sarah is the recipient of the 2015 EPIC Award for Historical Romance.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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