Review - Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill
Series:  Chicagoland Vampires #1
Penguin Publishing Group NAL
Publication Date:  April 7, 2009
Date Read:  May 23, 2015

3.5 Stars

Before I started reading this book, I was absolutely positive that I was going to go crazy over this series like some kind of deranged teenager.  I actually bought the book on sale a couple of years ago and had been waiting for just the right moment to savor it.  When a group of friends decided to buddy read this book on Goodreads, I knew that I had discovered the perfect moment to read it.  I had a hunch that I would become obsessed with the series and feel the need to binge read every book in the series that I could get my hands on.  Unfortunately, my expectations far exceeded my reality and I must admit that I am just a wee bit disappointed about it.

Please don't get me wrong...I liked this book quite a bit but the problem is that I didn't love it.  I wanted to love it.  I definitely plan to continue reading this series because I still have hopes that I will eventually fall in love with this series.  There is a definite possibility that this book may have had a case of first book syndrome.  You may be wondering what I mean by first book syndrome.  Many readers will back me up that oftentimes the first book in a series, especially any book set in a world that needs to be created, isn't nearly as enjoyable as subsequent books.

This book had some strong points.  It is already very apparent that Merit is going to be a little different than the average vampire.  She has that something extra that was just starting to develop in this novel.  The spark between Ethan and Merit was pretty hot although it was not fully explored...yet.   I liked most of the characters.  Merit's roommate, her grandfather, Catcher, and Jeff were all pretty awesome.

I enjoyed reading this book but it was always a book that I had no problem setting aside.  I found a lot of it to be pretty predictable and I can't remember a single moment in the story when I felt any kind of surprise.  In some ways I felt that Merit adjusted to becoming a vampire a little too easily.  The only real issue she seemed to have was that she liked to complain about the fact that it wasn't her choice but really what other choice was there?

Obviously, my biggest problem is that I had expectations that were through the roof and they were not met.  I would still recommend this book and I do plan to continue to read this series but with a more realistic expectation.  This is the first book by Chloe Neill that I have had a chance to read.


  1. I was disapponted with this book. I found Merit too whiny and got fed up with the fighting between her and Ethan. I liked the supporting characters much better but didn't get through book two before abandoning the series. I just felt it lacked something for me. Hope you get on better with the series!


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