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Review - Ever After by Jude Deveraux

Ever After by Jude Deveraux
Series: Nantucket Brides Trilogy #3
Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine
Publication Date: June 23, 2015
Date Read: June 23, 2015

3 Stars
I have been a fan of Jude Deveraux for a long time so when I was offered a chance to review this book, I jumped at the chance.  I read and enjoyed the first two books of this trilogy last summer so I was pretty confident that this would be a book that I would really like.  For the most part, I really had a nice time reading this book.  I seem to be picking up one depressing book after another lately so a nice Jude Deveraux romance was really a refreshing change.  
This is the story of Hallie and Jamie.  The only family that Hallie has is a spoiled step-sister who actually attempts to steal a house that was willed to Hallie.  She finds out just in time and decides to go to Nantucket and care for the physical therapy client as previously arranged.  One look at Jamie and she is instantly attracted and the feeling is mutual.  Jamie is dealing with more than just a knee injury and it turns out that Hallie may be just the person to help.

I liked both of these characters a lot.  They have both been through a lot but they both keep fighting.  The ghost in the house added just a hint of magic that I love in Jude Deveraux's work.  I do think that the book may have been a little too busy.  There was so much going on in this one.  Weddings, ghosts, evil step-sisters, evil twins, naked cousins, and old crushes just to name a few.  I have read the previous books in this series and I still had a hard time keeping everyone straight so I really think that this trilogy needs to be read in order to be enjoyable. I honestly think that this story would have been much stronger if it narrowed its focus.

I did have one very major problem with this book.  I am not changing my rating because of the issue but I have to admit that I came very close slapping 1 star on this book for making me mad.  I may end up doing just that once I think about it a little more.  In this story, Jamie wakes up at night with nightmares and Hallie decides to soothe him with her touch and kisses.  Sometimes he pulls her into bed and holds her like a teddy bear and one time they almost have sex.  She knows that he is out of it but she still almost has sex with him.  THIS IS NOT OKAY!!  It would not be okay for a man to have sex with a woman who is passed out and it is not okay for this woman to even think about having sex with a man that she knows is not aware of his actions.  
This was a good story except for this behavior.  The section of the book that I am speaking of did cause me to have a really good conversation with my family.   I really wish that authors would be more responsible with their characters behaviors.  In this book, none of this was needed for the story and I don't think it added anything to the romance.   I made the decision to not allow this to ruin the story for me but I am not happy with the author's decision to include this in the book. 

I don't think that this is Jude Deveraux's best work but I am still glad that I read it.  I don't think that readers of the previous two books int he trilogy have to read this book to reach any kind of closure but it was nice to see a few characters that I know. 

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

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