Review - Grimspace by Ann Aguirre

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
Series: Sirantha Jax #1
Penguin Group - Ace
Publication Date:  February 26, 2008
Date Read:  March 11, 2015

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5 Stars!

This book is cover to cover awesomeness. I actually need to recover from the awesomeness that is this book before I could sit down and actually write a coherent review.  Simply put - I fell completely in love with this book.  When I first heard about the buddy read planned by one of my Goodreads groups, I almost didn't join in.  I am so far behind in my reading that I wasn't sure I had the time not to mention the fact that I had not heard of this series before.  At the last minute, I found a copy of this book at my local library and decided to join in on the fun.  I am so glad that I made that last minute decision.

When did I become someone worth dying for?

I really love so many things about this book but the main character, Sirantha Jax, really was one of the best female leads that I have come across in a long time.  She's in her 30s and she has done a lot in her life so far.  I cannot tell you how nice it was to find a main character that is over the age of 25.  Jax is tough and she adapts to situations as needed.  She is willing to do what needs to be done but still takes the time to think about the people around her.  

I'm Sirantha Jax, and I have had enough.

I really like the male lead in the book almost as much as I liked Jax.  March is fantastic.  He is one of those people who seems to know how to handle almost any situation.  He is a natural leader.  He is a protector and is more than willing to risk himself for others when necessary.  I will admit that I really hoped that romance wouldn't play a part in this book but then something happened and I started falling for March.  I understand why Jax was drawn to him because I was under his spell by the end of the book myself.

Call me cynical, but anything that makes March happy cannot be good for me.

It's no secret that I love it when a book is able to make me laugh.   I don't need to laugh constantly but a little bit of humor really adds to a story in most cases.  This book was funny.  It's not a comedy by any stretch of the imagination but the characters just have such a great sense of humor.  The way that they talked with each other and their thoughts were just so entertaining.  I really must applaud Ann Aguirre for her skill in incorporating such a wonderful sense of humor into these character so flawlessly.

Nodding, I fall in behind March, not because I acknowledge 
his authority in any fashion but because if by some chance we 
were wrong, and there's something big and ugly left in these 
wetlands, I really prefer it eats him first.  Give me a chance to run.

The world building in this book was not only solid it didn't bog the story down in any way.  One of the reasons that I almost backed out of the buddy read was because sometimes a first novel in a series can get really heavy with information and are often not as exciting as later books.  Somehow, this book made me fall in the love not only with the characters but with the world that they live in incredibly fast.  I will admit that I was quite confused about how Jax's ability worked at first but I decided to just go with it.  

I will always come for you, Jax.

I thought the romance in this story was fantastic.  If you had told me that there was a little case of insta-love in this book before I started it, I may have skipped reading it.  I am glad that nobody told me.  For some reason, the insta-love in this story works for me.  March and Jax are real with each other and can see parts of each other that nobody else can see.  I really had my own case of insta-love for March happening so I really can't blame Jax for it anyway.  

For the first time I grasp that bending doesn't necessarily mean weakness. 
Defiance doesn't always equate to strength.

I would highly recommend this book to anybody that enjoys urban fantasy.  The characters are wonderfully done including all of the secondary characters.  The concept is unique.  The pacing is fantastic.  This book is simply hard to put down.  I cannot wait to start reading the next book in this series. 


  1. I know this author's name but I'd never heard about this series, so thanks a lot for sharing your enthusiasm :)

    1. I read her YA series that begins with Enclave and liked that but this book was SOOOO much better than that series.

  2. This series is AWESOME! And your review was fun.:D

    1. Thank you! This was such a fun book to read. I just picked up book 2 today. I am so glad to hear that the rest of the series lives up to this first book.


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