Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review - Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson

Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson
Series: Legion #2
Narrated by Oliver Wyman
Dragonsteel Entertainment / Audible Studios
Publication Date: November 24, 2014
Date Read: February 2, 2015

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4 Stars!

This is another wonderful story from Brandon Sanderson!  I was lucky enough to grab this audio book from audible months ago when it was free.  I didn't realize what kind of gem I had received at the time.  This is a remarkable series that is so different than anything else I have had the chance to experience.  

I love being in the mind of the main character, Steven Leeds.  Sanderson has created a truly unique character set in this series that really drives the story.  Many people would think that Steven is crazy.  He has been studied and more than a few scientists would like to study how his mind works.  Steven isn't crazy...but his aspects are.  Steven lives in a large mansion with all of his aspects, or hallucinations.  Each aspect is a has his or her own identity and set of expertise.  The psychological aspect of this novel is absolutely amazing.

The narrator of the audiobook is the same as in the first story.  I believe that Oliver Wyman brings a lot to this story.  Each character has a separate voice and his voice is soothing.  In my mind, he is the voice of Steven.  His delivery of the story is absolutely wonderful.

The wonderful characters are paired with a complex and highly creative mystery.  The mystery in this story is just as unique as the character of Steven Leeds.  Steven is enlisted to help find a corpse.  This isn't just a normal corpse though.  This corpse holds a massive amount of data that needs to stay out of the wrong hands.  Everything that happens is logical but very unexpected.

In this story, Steven is pushed to the limits in many ways and his sanity is threatened.  He has specific rules that must be obeyed or his illusions shatter.  Steven knows how vulnerable his ability to function in the world really is.  He finds himself having to deal with several situations in this story that upset his delicate balance.

I would highly recommend this book to other.  This is the second installment in the Legion series and while this story could be read as a stand alone.  I would recommend that this series be read in order since the first installment is very short and does a fantastic job of introducing the characters.  I look forward to see what challenges Steven and his aspects will face in the future. 


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