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Review - Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Legion by Brandon Sanderson
Series: Legion #1
Narrated by Oliver Wyman
Dragonsteel Entertainment / Audible Studios
Publication Date: September 11, 2012
Date Read:  January 22, 2015

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4 Stars!

I am quickly becoming a HUGE Brandon Sanderson fan.  I only recently become introduced to Sanderson a couple of months ago when I read Steelheart and I am starting to realize that I have really been missing out.  This story was completely unique and entertaining.  I love how different this story was from anything I have ever encountered before.  This story is short but it is highly complex and detailed. 

I decided to read this story because I thought I had the audiobook already in my audible account, I discovered that I actually had the second book in the series so I quickly remedied that situation and started listening right away.  I think that the narrator did a fantastic job with this story.   He voice was soothing to listen to and he did such a fantastic job with a wide range of characters. 

Steven Leeds is probably one of the most interesting characters that I have encountered in a book.  He is never alone.  He lives with his aspects, otherwise known as his hallucinations.  Each one of his aspects is an expert in a certain area.  Steven claims that he is not a genius and that his aspects are the intelligent one.  Of course, he also claims that he isn't crazy and to be honest he acts completely sane if you ignore the fact that he spends most of his time talking to his hallucinations.

Steven is quickly enlisted to help locate a missing camera.  This isn't just any camera.  This camera takes photos that should not exist.  When he thinks about what this camera means to society, he feels he has no choice but to try to find it.  Steven and his aspects make quite the formidable team as they work to achieve their goal.  There are moments in the story when I just need to stop and think for a bit, moments I laughed a little, and other times where I could find out what was going to happen next fast enough. 

The characters in this story are unbelievably good.  Sanderson was able to create a man with a mansion full of hallucinations who appears to be completely sane.  Every single aspect that were involved in the story had a distinct personality.  While everyone around Steven saw a man talking to nobody, we, the reader, got to see exactly what Steven saw and it was amazing.  I never experienced a moment of boredom during the story.  Of course, how could I?  J.C was running around with guns and hallucinations having hallucinations - I simply had no idea what could possibly be next.

I would highly recommend this story to others.  I cannot wait to spend more time with Steven and his aspects.  I will definitely be reading more from Brandon Sanderson in the not too distant future. 


  1. This Sanderson book sounds amazing. After reading Steelheart and Firefight, I immediately rushed to get the Mistborn trilogy, his best trilogy (some say). You should read Firefight if you've haven't already. It was freaking amazing.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. I have read Firefight and agree that it is an amazing book. I read it just as soon as it was released and it was a solid five star book for me. This series is completely different but amazing as well.

      I hope to read the Mistborn trilogy soon because I have heard such good things about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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