No Place to Hide by Shannon Stacey

No Place to Hide by Shannon Stacey
Series:  Devlin Group #4
Publication Date:  August 20, 2014
Date Read:  December 13, 2014

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I received an advance reader edition of this book from the author via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

4 Stars

There were other men who could keep her alive, but he was the only man who made her feel alive.

I really enjoyed this action packed story.  Every once in a while I find that I am in the mood to curl up with a good romantic suspense.  The right combination of action and romance can just be tons of fun if it is done well and I think that this book hit the mark very well.  I have not read any of the other books in the Devlin Group series and I thought that this book read just fine as a stand alone but I could tell that there was some events in the characters' past that was probably the focus of prior books.

The book starts with a bang.  Isabelle is the target of a gunman and when she gets a chance to call for help, she calls Jack.  Isabelle and Jack met during her rescue which is most likely the focus of a prior book and you really get enough information in the story about it that you never feel lost.  Jack immediately goes to protect Isabelle.  Both have feelings for each other that they have been trying to suppress.  The Devlin group sends a second man, Ty West, to help keep Isabelle safe when it becomes apparent the gunman is extremely dangerous. 

The trio find themselves in several very difficult situations but are determined to stop the gunman's plan.  The chemistry between Jack and Isabelle is off the charts and eventually the pair quit fighting what seems inevitable.  I loved Ty's character.  He does what needs to be done without question but also seemed to know how to lighten the mood when necessary.  Eventually, things get even more difficult and the Devlin group must change gears to stop Isabelle's attacker. 

I really had a lot of fun with this story.  There was no extreme plot twists but there were a few moments that popped up that I didn't expect.  The pacing of the story was well done with enough action to keep the story moving.  I really liked all the characters in this one.  Jack and Isabelle really seemed quite perfect for each other and I almost cheered when they quit fighting it.

I would highly recommend this story to fans of romantic suspense.  I have read some of Shannon Stacey's contemporary romance Kowalski series and have really loved those.  I really think she nailed this romantic suspense story as well.   I do hope to go back and read the prior books in this series.  I would really love to read about Isabelle's prior rescue. 


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