Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning
Series:  Fever #4
Random House - Delacorte Press
Publication Date:  August 18, 2009
Date Read:  December 6, 2014 (3rd read)

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5 Stars!

I originally gave this book 4 stars for some strange reason.  What on earth was I thinking?!?!  This is a 5 star book without question.  I have read it 3 times and plan to read many more time during my life.  It really is that good.  This book gives up the moment that we have all been waiting for - you know what I am talking about.  Let me just say Chapters 4 and 5 - most fans know exactly what happens in those 2 chapters.  I know I will always think of this book whenever I hear Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" because that is simply put the best scene in a book EVER.

Once again, there is a lot going on in this book.  Mac has been through a kind of hell that most people don't come back from.  Mac comes back even stronger than she was before.  The world is more of mess than it was in previous books and Mac is determined to work to change things.  As I was reading the book this time, I did think that maybe Mac doesn't appreciate everything Barrons has done for her.  Of course that might be due to the fact that I LOVE Barrons but seriously he keeps saving her and she seems to get mad because of it.
Strength wasn't about being able to do everything alone.  Strength was know when to ask for help and not being to proud to do it.

In this book, we get to spend more time with characters we have spent time with in previous books:  Dani, V'lane, Rowena, and really just about everyone else.  The reasons why I hate Rowena are quite obvious during this book.  She really is worse than many of the monsters in my opinion.  This book brings us to a couple of new locations as well.  We get to go into Ryodan's club which is quite the experience to say the least.  Mac even spends some time in fairy.

Once again, I believe that everybody should read these books and they should probably be read more than once but what do I know I am a bit obsessive about it myself.  This book does end in a cliffhanger so I do recommend having the whole series lined up once you start the first book.  I waited to read this book and I had to wait a whole year to find out what happens with this cliffhanger.  This book ended up being worth the wait and I can't wait to see where else Karen Marie Moning takes us. 


  1. I am taking it that this isn't the end of the series then? I think reading books again can make us pick up on the clever little details and other things we otherwise missed when reading it the first time through, making the experience richer!\

    Check out my review: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/12/cinder-ella-review.html

    1. This is the fourth book in the series. The first 5 books tell fully contained story. There are two more books, Iced and the soon to be released Burned, that are a continuation. It is so good!

  2. This is one of my favorite UF/Fantasy series. It's like OHMAGAWD good...it never gets old and I'm waiting to read ICED until BURNED is released and I feel like it's taking forever. #feverseries #auhmazing ♥

    1. It is so good! I think I like it more every time I read it. I still need to finish my re-read before Burned is released on January 20, 2015. Not much longer to wait - I am so excited!


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