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Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers
Series:  His Fair Assassin #2
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication Date:  April 2, 2013
Date Read:  October 26, 2014

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

5 Stars!

I loved the first book in this series and to be honest I really didn't think the second one would be able to top it.  But it did.  This book was absolutely amazing.  This was the kind of book that I hated to put down.  This story grabbed me and made me feel for the characters.  This type of novel is exactly why I read.  I read to be swept away by a story, to feel for the characters, and hope for their triumph.   

We all have our secrets. And our scars.
This book picks up right where Grave Mercy left off.  Sybella has been placed in the home of d'Albret, who is by all accounts an evil man.  This book had a darker feel that the prior book in the series.  It also had a lot more action.  Sybella is given the task of rescuing the man being kept in d'Albret's dungeon.  That man is known as Beast and is known and loved throughout the region.

After fleeing the dungeon with Beast and his former guard, Sybella works to keep Beast alive.  We quickly learn that these two people have a lot in common.  They have both killed and are good at it.  They both have a horrible past that they have been forced to overcome.  They are both also very stubborn and determined to succeed.  

The writing in this book was absolutely remarkable.  I really did not care of Sybella too much in the first book but by the end of this book my heart was breaking for her.  She was tough and a survivor and one of the most wonderful characters I have read.  Beast was very likeable in the first book and as we learned more about him in this story that feeling only grew.  Beast was able to see Sybella for who she really was and look beyond her past.  These two characters made the story and I found myself hoping that they would find strength and healing in each other.
Through the darkness, his big warm hand tenderly takes hold of mine, and I want to weep at the understanding of his touch.

I would highly recommend this book to really just about everyone.  This is the second book by Robin LaFevers that I have had a chance to read and I will definitely be reading more.  I would recommend that this trilogy be read in order as it is a continuation of the overall story.  I cannot wait for the final book in this trilogy to be released and I hope that we see more of Sybella and Beast in that novel. 

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