Saturday, June 28, 2014

Now I See You by Nicole C. Kear

Now I See You by Nicole C. Kear
St. Martins Press
Publication Date:  June 24, 2014
Date Read:  June 20, 2014

I received an advance reader edition of this book from St. Martin's Press and Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

4 Stars

 I do not read this type of book very often.  I am really more of a fiction reader because my reading goal is simply to be entertained.  Every once in a while a book outside of my usual fiction reading catches my attention as this book did.  A book that tells the story not of someone who suddenly goes blind and must adapt but of someone who is told at a very young age that she has only a few years of sight left.  

This is Nicole's story.  Nicole is diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at age 19.  She is told that she will be blind in a decade or so.  Nicole shares her diagnosis with her family but otherwise keeps her declining vision to herself.  As a result of her lack of sight, she does have a few close calls but few know about her problem.  

Nicole eventually marries and becomes a mother which bring on more challenges.  The author is a remarkable story teller and I found myself pulled into her story.  I will admit that I did not understand why keeping her diagnosis secret was so important to her.  

I would recommend this book.  It was a quick read and told an interesting story.  I found myself wondering what I would have done had I found myself in Nicole's place.  I could not even imagine what I would attempt to do if I learned that I only had a limited time to see the world.  This was the first work by Nicole C. Kear that I have had the chance to read.  I would be interested in reading future works by this author.

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