Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hillary: Tail of the Dog by Angel Gelique

Hillary: Tail of the Dog by Angel Gelique
Publication Date:  December 31, 2012
Date Read:  March 23, 2014

4 Stars!

I am going to be perfectly honest.  This is exactly the kind of book that I would not usually give a second glance.  I saw several people talking about this book on Goodreads and I was curious so I decided to take a chance.  I am so glad that I did. 

Hillary finds herself in a strange house unsure of how she got there.  Dr. Morrison says that he is there to help her but refused to tell her anything.  Before long, her situation worsens and she is now tied to the bed in the room hooked up to an IV and a catheter.  Dr. Morrison's wife, Monica, cares for Hillary's hygiene needs but refused to help Hillary in any way.  Dr. Bentley also visits Hillary and says that he is her psychiatrist.  Everyone tells Hillary that she can after she regains her memory.  Hillary really just wants to go home.

When I first looked at this book on Goodreads, I could not help but notice this at the top of the page:

WARNING: This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism.

I had no idea what to think about book that comes with a warning like that but I knew that I had to read it to see what the fuss was about.  I am not sure what it says about me that I really liked this book but I did.  

This book was a well written dementedly entertaining tale.  I would recommend it to readers that know that they can handle gory and graphic violence.  This is not a book for just anyone but it is a wonderful book for those that enjoy this kind of book.  I understand that this book is the first in a trilogy.  I do plan to read the other books in the trilogy soon.

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