Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs
Penguin Group
Publication Date:  March 11, 2014
Date Read:  March 12, 2014

5 Stars!

What a great installment to a wonderful series this book turned out to be!  Let me just say up front that I am a huge fan of Patricia Briggs.  I think that the Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series are two of the very best out there.  Yesterday when I realized that it was the release day for this book, I invented a reason for my family to take an outing so that I could come home with this book.  All family members were then warned to leave me alone until I was done with this book!  Sometimes when I get this excited about a new book, I end up feeling let down when the book is good but does not quite live up to my expectations....this book exceeded those expectations.  

Adam's ex-wife, Christy, seeks the pack's help when a stalker endangers her life.   Christy quickly moves into Adam and Mercy's home as the pack tries to deal with the stalker.  Of course, there is conflict with the ex-wife and wife in close proximity and Mercy handles things much better than could be expected.  As it turns out the stalker is more than they bargained for and the pack finds that they are up against an enemy that they may not be able to beat. 

This is book 8 in the series so the world building has been solid for a very long time.  Patricia Briggs does a phenomenal job of creating characters that are tough, smart, likeable, and yet imperfect.  I would recommend to any reader looking to start this series to please go back and pick up the first book Moon Called.   This book was very exciting and I actually found my heart racing at one point. 

I would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys urban fiction.  The series is still going strong with this eighth installment with no signs of slowing down soon.  I plan to re-read the series in the near future.  I am already waiting for the next book to be released.

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