Monday, March 3, 2014

Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen

Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen
Random House Publishing Group
Publication Date:  February 25, 2014
Date Read:  March 2, 2014

*Please note that this book was originally published in 1994 as Peggy Sue Got Married.  According to the Author's Introduction the book has been updated for today's readers.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing and Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

4 Stars

I really liked this book.  This is the first book by Tess Gerritsen that I have read even though I have had her books on my ever growing to be read list for quite some time.   When I first sat down to read this book, I will admit that I was a bit disappointed to learn that this was in face an older book that had been updated and re-released.  I do dislike it when I see books being re-released especially with different titles because I have bought books I already owned more than once.  I was safe with this book since I have not read anything by this author before.  

I found the book to be very enjoyable.  I really liked the writing style of Ms. Gerritsen.  The plot was not overly complex and the characters were not only likeable but believable.  Romance did play a major role by the end of the book but not so much that it overwhelmed the rest of the plot.

Kat Novak is a medical examiner who finds a matchbook with a phone number clutched inside a corpse's hands.  When she calls the number it starts a chain of events, she eventually meets Adam Quantrel.  They end up working together to solve a string of deaths connected to a new unknown drug and find Adam's step-daughter.  There was plenty of mystery to keep you guessing throughout the book.  While I can not say that I was shocked by the ending, I did not have everything figured out either.  

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an entertaining quick read.  That being said this is a very early work by Tess Gerritsen  and I would suspect that her current books are even better as her writing skills have developed.  I have not read any other book by this author so I am unable to make any comparisons.  I definitely plan to read other books by this author and may been to bump her Rizzoli and Isles series closer to the top of my TBR list.

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